Can I create my own questions within each consent forms?

Yes, you can create your own consent form questions or copy paste your paper questions directly into the faces consent form boxes. You will then be given the option to add more or remove yes/no questions that are relevant to your treatments.

Can I create my own treatment listings that I offer clients?

Yes, you are able to add/remove treatments offered that are applicable to your practice. This treatments will be in a dropdown on your constent forms.

How do we contact faces?

Yes can send faces an email or call direct ‘Say hello’ 0121 403 31 83

Will faces be adding new features ?

Yes, updates and new features will be constantly added allowing practitioners to have all the information they need

How long is Faces free for?

Faces is completely free up to 10 consent forms, which are stored for free allowing you to refer back to when needed.

How are my clients detail stored?

All consent forms are stored securely on Amazon servers based in the EU.

I’ve got some ideas for faces I think should be included

faces is constantly open to new features and ideas, if you believe there are missing features get in touch and faces will look into it.

How are subscriptions paid?

Subscriptions are paid directly with in app purchases and can be done via the website within the dashboard.

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