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How do I register?

You can register by downloading the Faces Consent app in Google Play or App Store. Click on Create your account to start the registration process. Follow the instructions and enter the information needed.

You can also register on the site: facesconsent.com/register

What devices are compatible?

Faces is compatible on popular devices- smartphones with android version 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher, compatible with iPhone and iPad (requires iOS 10.2 or later).

How much does Faces cost?

Faces is free to use however we do take 1.99% commission on the deposit feature which is used for taking deposits before appointments.

How can I register as a prescriber?

Go to Profile Settings by clicking the profile picture icon, scroll down and click on Register as a Prescriber. Enter your details and supporting documents for approval.

How can I register as a training provider?

Click the profile picture icon on the home page, scroll down and click Register as a Training Provider.

You need to login to the website facesconsent.com to complete your training profile. Make sure to add the training institute’s address as well. From the Profile Update page, and click on the Training School tab. Enter the details needed and click Update Profile to save changes.

To complete your training details, click Training Courses on the left side panel. Click on Add Training, enter the details needed and click Save and Submit to complete the process.

I forgot my password, what do I do now?

Any time you forget your password, you can simply click Forgot Password when you get to the login page of the Faces app or website. It will send a reset password link to your registered email address. From there, you can change your password and log in again.

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How can I order in the Shop?

You need to login to your Faces account to submit your order. Add your items on your cart and click Checkout once you’re done. Make sure your address is correct (can be edited in the Profile Settings > Shop Settings > Billing/Shipping Addresses). Select the shipping option you want (shipping prices differ depending on the seller). Lastly, complete your payment by entering your card details.

How much VAT is added on the products?

VAT added on products is 20%.

What are the shipping options?

Shipping options depend on the seller and all options will show on the checkout page.

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How do I start receiving deposits from my clients?

You need to create a Stripe account to start using the deposit feature.

How can I change my bank account details?

Follow Stripe’s instructions on how to update bank details here: support.stripe.com/questions/update-existing-bank-account-information

I haven’t received a client’s deposit, what should I do?

Send us an email at [email protected] for us to check the database and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible

How do I withdraw funds from my Stripe account?

If you are a first time user of Stripe, it may take 10 - 14 days for the funds to be sent to your bank account. After several succeeding payments, the standard payout times may take 3 - 4 days. However, Stripe has an option of Instant Payout. You can set Instant Payouts in your Stripe account so that you can receive deposits to your bank account immediately. Here's more information on how you can set this up in the Stripe website - https://stripe.com/docs/payouts

How can my client pay the deposit?

If you send the deposit request through a consent form, there will be a section at the end of the form where they will enter their card details for the payment.

If you send them a direct link, they will receive an email with a link to enter their card details for the deposit.

How much is Stripe fees?

1.4% plus 20p per transaction.

I’m having issues connecting my Stripe account, what should I do?

Please contact us so we can check your account.

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I have connected my Stripe account and added my clinic and treatments but my clients are still unable to see my available schedule.

Please set up your clinic opening hours by clicking the calendar on the app’s homescreen, then click the date you’re working on, click the add icon and click Clinic. Add the details needed and click the check icon to save.

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How can I add a client in the directory?

Go to Consent Forms, click the three dots beside the search icon and click Create New Client.

How can I delete a client from the directory?

Click the trash bin icon next to the client entry you want to delete.

How can I forward a medical form to a client for them to complete?

Go to Consent Forms, click your client’s name and select Forward Medical Form.

How can I import client data to my Faces account?

Login to facesconsent.com, go to Client Directory and click Directory. Click the download icon on the upper right corner. It will download the default CSV form on your device for you to fill out. Once done, save it on your device.

Go back to the website and on the same page, click the upload icon on the upper right corner to upload your saved document.

How can I export client data?

Login to facesconsent.com, and click Export Client Data on the left side panel.

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How do I set up my clinic and treatments?

Click the settings icon on the app’s home screen, click My Clinics and click the add icon. Once you saved your clinic information, go back to the previous screen and click My Treatments. Click the add icon to add your treatments.

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How do I find a prescriber near my location?

Click Create Prescription, and click Search Prescribers. Make sure your location settings are on to access it properly.

Where is this feature available?

At the moment, this feature is only available in the UK.

Sent my documents, but still having an issue using this feature?

Please send us your email address and we’ll take a look at your registration status.

My insurance is going to expire within this week, can I still submit it?

We suggest that you contact your insurance company and request for a new document once your insurance has been renewed.

Do we accept documents with monthly insurance?

Yes, as long as it's on the date for this month.

Paid wrong prescription fee for the wrong patient. Can this be changed?

First let the prescriber know the problem. The prescriber has the option to do the prescription again.

What is the cut off time for orders from the pharmacy?

Cut off time for Elite Direct Pharma is 4 PM.

I want to change an item on my prescription and I already processed the payment, what will I do?

Please contact your prescriber and explain what happened. We need to contact the pharmacy on your behalf so we can request for a refund. Kindly send us the script for us to forward to the pharmacy.

You need to submit another prescription, pay the prescriber £1 and pay the products again.

I can’t process my payment, what should I do?

Please try to process the payment on the site facesconsent.com. If it is still not working, please call us at 01785 558018 and we’ll sort it for you.

I was charged for the prescriber fee twice, what should I do?

Please contact your prescriber directly as the payment is being sent to their Stripe account directly.

Prescriber section is not working, what should I do?

Check your location settings on your device. If it’s still not working, please contact us at any of our social media accounts or send us an email at [email protected].

Can I purchase POM and non-POM items together?

It depends on your prescriber if they will allow it on one script and depends on the availability of the products.

If you’re purchasing products from different sellers, you need to pay separate shipping fees.

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How can I register?

From the home screen, click on the settings icon on your home screen, then click on Register with Pharmacy.

What are the fees?

Fees are paid via the Faces gateway and are released on a weekly basis back to the prescriber via BACS (we’ll need their bank details). Faces charge a 10% fee on all prescription fees that cover gateways and admins.

What are the requirements needed before I can register?

  • Training course certificates

  • Passport or driving license

  • Insurance Document

  • PIN/Registration No.

I’m a dentist, can I prescribe on Faces?

Yes, as long as you provided the necessary documents and your PIN has been verified by the pharmacy.

I’m already approved, but my name is still not listed on the directory.

Please check if your Stripe account is connected. To check it, go to the settings icon on the app’s home screen and click Stripe Setup. If you have set up your Stripe account and still have issues, please contact us directly.

Have any questions not listed below? Please get in touch.

How do I contact a training provider?

Go to the Training section to browse the training courses available. You can send an enquiry by clicking Course Detail and at the end of the page, there’s an Enquire button that you can click to contact the training institute. Enter your personal information and your message to the institute and click Submit.

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How do I contact an insurance company?

Go to the Insurance section. You can select the insurance company and read their company’s description. You can contact them by clicking Contact. Enter the details needed and click Submit.

Have any questions not listed below? Please get in touch.

I haven’t received the verification email, what should I do?

Please send us an email at [email protected] so we can verify your account manually..

App keeps freezing/loading, what should I do?

Check your internet and make sure you have a strong connection. Try to uninstall the app and reinstall it again. If it doesn’t work, please send us an error report here.

Have any questions not listed below? Please get in touch.

How secure is the data being used in Faces?

In terms of GDPR, Faces is fully compliant. More info can be found on this page -- https://facesconsent.com/pages/gdpr-forms

All consent forms are backed up and stored in our dedicated amazon servers based in the UK and consent forms are stored indefinitely until you want to remove them.

In terms of hacks and security all accounts are password encrypted and we at Faces don’t even have access to your account. As mentioned above all data is backed up.

Apart from the above in securing data, Faces is also registered with the ICO (information Commissioner’s Office). The ICO are about the safeguarding of public data https://ico.org.uk/

Are the consent forms in Faces GDPR compliant?

Data within Faces is GDPR-compliant, but you can also add your own GDPR and privacy policies in the disclaimer section of consent forms that can best suit your business.

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