FAQs - Faces

GDPR Questions

In terms of GDPR, Faces is fully compliant. More info can be found on this page -- https://facesconsent.com/pages/gdpr-forms

All consent forms are backed up and stored in our dedicated amazon servers based in the UK and consent forms are stored indefinitely until you want to remove them.

In terms of hacks and security all accounts are password encrypted and we at Faces don’t even have access to your account. As mentioned above all data is backed up.

Apart from the above in securing data, Faces is also registered with the ICO (information Commissioner’s Office). The ICO are about the safeguarding of public data https://ico.org.uk/

Data within Faces is GDPR-compliant, but you can also add your own GDPR and privacy policies in the disclaimer section of consent forms that can best suit your business.

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