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Faces is an aesthetics resource hub catering for the needs of all practitioners, Faces allows you to manage the full client cycle, from client self-booking to consent form creation through to the ability to purchase a full range of products and consumables for your clinics and business

Privacy and trusted sellers

Privacy and security are our highest priority, all data is saved securely on our dedicated servers and is never shared with third parties. Our trusted pharmacies and retailers that supply you with products and stock are all checked and verified, making sure you get the best service possible.

Supporting growth of all sizes

Faces supports the growth of all practitioners of any size whether you are just starting out in your aesthetics career or a full-fledged industry expert, Faces has you covered!

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Haven’t downloaded the faces app yet? You can download and manage your all your client information and stock directly via your phone or tablet. Purchase stock and submit your e-prescriptions as well as complete consent forms and manage client booking.