As multiple clinics introduce different promo prices, deals, and benefits to clients, the competition to get more clients is fiercer than ever. To establish a strong presence, you need to keep your existing clients and boost your current clientele. Understanding what and when to implement price strategies would offer a winning situation for your business and your clients.

In this blog, Faces will inform you about promotional pricing, types of promotional pricing, and best practices when implementing these prices. We’ll also explore how effective use of promo prices drives client engagement, business appeal, and sales!

To understand promo prices, let’s look at your market first.

Understanding your Market

Before diving deeper into promotional pricing, you first need to understand the market you’re going into. Researching your local and top competitors, understanding how treatments are priced, and identifying what clients value the most will give you an edge by personalising promotions based on what you have gathered on your market.

Once you’ve done your research, and are confident in what you have gathered, let’s define and examine the different types of promotional pricing!

Types of Promotional Pricing

Promo pricing or promo price, is a sales strategy implemented by businesses to attract new clients, re-book existing clients who have gone quiet, and overall increase the value of their treatments by creating the illusion of scarcity.

A successful promo or offer should result in higher profit and an increase in clientele. To increase both factors, there are different types of promotional pricing that you should consider.

Introductory Offers

This usually refers to a discount given to new clients booking at your clinic, or a discounted offer for a new treatment that you’re introducing to your clients. 

Package Deals

Treatments that are bundled together to form a package fitting for clients. Packages can take form depending on the season (summer or winter deals), needs (anti-wrinkle package), or the number of treatments (Buy 6, Get 1 Free HydraFacial).

Seasonal Discounts

These discounts align with the season or holidays. For example, Lemon Bottle, 3D PowerSculpt, or other fat-burning treatments are discounted during the summer. Another example would be lip filler treatments, which are heavily discounted during Halloween.

Referral Programmes

Are a type of pricing strategy that rewards clients who bring in new clients. Incentives can be in the form of a discount or a complimentary service.

Best Practices: How to Effectively Use It!

When implementing these strategies, consider the following:

1. Constrict time.

Create a sense of urgency and highlight the value of time by making it a limited-time offer. This makes clients act upon your offer after seeing it, making it more likely for them to book in and make a deposit.

2. Marketing on all avenues!

Text, social media, emails, and websites—there are a lot of avenues you can take to make your promotions known to interested clients. Post content related to your offer, announce how many days are left, and post the treatment results online.

3. Highlight their savings.

Customers who see how much they’ll save on the treatments are more likely to grab your offers. Use percentage discounts (50% off!) or monetary value (Save £467!) when highlighting how much they’ll save.

4. Crystal clear message.

Ensure the promotion is straightforward and can be easily understood. Some clients would exploit loopholes in your offer, so make sure that you have reviewed everything and sorted out the terms and conditions before announcing it.

Providing discounts on Faces

Faces is more than just a consent-form app. Efficiently add the discount codes when sending your consent forms to your clients. They can also add it manually once they book through your booking link.

Create promotional emails on Faces too! Send it to all your clients, or manually select the people you’d like to give discounts to. Remember to set up your discount codes first to work this out. You can also send us an email or a WhatsApp message so we can help!

To summarise,

Effectively leveraging promotions and offers will give you a substantial increase in sales and boost your client base. It would also establish your market presence in your vicinity, enabling your business to compete with the top clinics in your area.

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