Anti-Wrinkle Injections: How To Spot Counterfeit Brands!

Anti-Wrinkle Injections: How To Spot Counterfeit Brands!


The aesthetics and beauty industry has seen a surge in the popularity of anti-wrinkle injections, with many clients seeking these treatments to achieve a youthful appearance. However, the rise in demand has also led to an increase in counterfeit brands or products. For aesthetic practitioners in the UK, it is crucial to know how to identify and avoid counterfeit anti-wrinkle injection brands to ensure the safety and satisfaction of your clients. This blog post will provide essential tips to spot counterfeit brands and protect your practice.

Understanding the Risks of Counterfeit Brands

Why Counterfeit Brands and Products are Dangerous

Counterfeit anti-wrinkle injections can pose serious health risks to your clients, including allergic reactions, infections, and unsatisfactory results. These fake products often contain unknown and unregulated substances that can cause significant harm.

Impact on Your Practice

Using counterfeit products not only jeopardises your clients’ health but also your reputation as a trusted aesthetic practitioner. Ensuring the authenticity of your supplies is fundamental to maintaining the trust and safety of your clientele.

Recognizing Genuine Brands

Familiarize Yourself with Trusted Brands

Knowledge of the most reputable and widely used anti-wrinkle injection brands is your first line of defence. Brands like Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and Azzalure have established themselves with rigorous testing and proven results. Ensure you are familiar with their packaging, labelling, and official distribution channels.

Check Official Documentation

Authentic products come with documentation such as batch numbers, expiration dates, and manufacturer details. Verify this information against the records from the supplier to ensure the product’s legitimacy.

Identifying Counterfeit Characteristics

Packaging and Labelling

Counterfeit brands often have packaging that appears similar but is not identical to the genuine article. Look for misspellings, poor print quality, and inconsistencies in logos and colours. Genuine products have high-quality, professional packaging.

Holograms and Seals

Many authentic brands include holograms or special seals that are difficult to replicate. Check for these security features and ensure they match the official brand specifications.

Lot Numbers and Expiry Dates

Always inspect the lot numbers and expiration dates. Counterfeit brands may have mismatched or tampered dates. Cross-reference these numbers with the manufacturer’s database if possible.

Verified Sellers

Authorised Distributors

Purchase your anti-wrinkle injections only from authorised distributors. These distributors have direct agreements with manufacturers, ensuring the products they supply are genuine. Avoid purchasing from unofficial channels, including sketchy websites, where the risk of counterfeits is higher.

Supplier Credentials

Before purchasing, verify the credentials of your suppliers. Ensure they have a good reputation, are licenced, and have a track record of supplying genuine products. Request references from other practitioners if necessary.

Due Diligence Practices

Training and Education

Stay updated on the latest developments in anti-wrinkle injections and counterfeit detection. Attend industry conferences, workshops, and training sessions that provide insights into new security features and counterfeiting trends.

Regular Audits

Conduct regular audits of your inventory. Keep detailed records of your purchases, including invoices, batch numbers, and supplier details. This helps track the origin of your products and ensures any discrepancies are quickly identified.

Reporting Counterfeits

What to Do If You Suspect a Counterfeit

If you suspect that you have received counterfeit brands or products, do not use them. Contact the supplier immediately and report your concerns. Additionally, report the incident to the relevant regulatory authorities, such as the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK.

Informing Clients

Transparency with your clients is crucial. If a counterfeit product is discovered, inform affected clients and discuss any necessary follow-up actions. This honesty can help maintain trust, despite the unfortunate situation.


Ensuring the authenticity of anti-wrinkle injection brands is essential for the safety of your clients and the reputation of your practice. By familiarising yourself with trusted brands, verifying your sources, and staying educated on the latest counterfeit detection methods, you can protect your practice from the risks associated with counterfeit products. Prioritise the health and trust of your clients by being vigilant and proactive in spotting counterfeit anti-wrinkle injections.

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5 Shocking Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Aesthetic Insurance!

Selecting the right aesthetic insurance is a crucial step for any aesthetic professional in the beauty and aesthetic industry, whether you’re a medically trained aesthetician or not. With various policies available on the market, it’s easy to fall into traps that might leave you underinsured or overpaying. This guide will help you navigate the complex world of aesthetic insurance for medics and non-medics alike, ensuring you make informed decisions and avoid common pitfalls.

1. Not Assessing Specific Coverage Needs

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when choosing aesthetic insurance is failing to assess your specific coverage needs. Whether you provide botox injections, chemical peels, or non-surgical treatments, each service comes with its own set of risks. Aesthetic insurance for non-medics often differs significantly from aesthetic insurance for medics in terms of the liabilities covered.

Tip: Conduct a thorough risk assessment of your services and consult with an insurance broker who specialises in aesthetic insurance. They can help tailor a policy that covers all your bases, from malpractice to property damage and beyond.

2. Opting for the Cheapest Aesthetic Insurance

While budgeting is important, opting for the cheapest aesthetic insurance can cost you more in the long run. Cheaper policies may not offer comprehensive coverage, leaving significant gaps that could expose you to financial risk if a claim is made against you.

Tip: Don’t just look at the price. Examine what each policy covers and what it excludes. Paying a little more upfront can save you from hefty out-of-pocket costs for uncovered claims.

3. Overlooking the Insurer’s Reputation and Customer Service

Choosing an insurer with a solid reputation and excellent customer service is vital. Your aesthetic insurance provider should be known for handling claims fairly and efficiently.

Tip: Research potential insurers’ reviews and ratings, especially regarding how they handle claims. An insurer that supports its clients during claims is invaluable. Check out forums and social media groups where your peers discuss their insurance experiences.

4. Ignoring Tailored Policies for Your Specific Practices

Generic business insurance policies might not offer the specialised coverage that aesthetic practitioners require. This is particularly true when dealing with aesthetic insurance for non-medics, as these policies need to cover a different array of treatments compared to those for medics.

Tip: Ensure that your insurer offers policies that are specifically designed for aesthetic practices. Whether you’re looking for aesthetic insurance for medics or non-medics, specialised policies will better cater to your specific needs, covering the latest treatments and technologies in your field.

5. Neglecting to Update Insurance Coverage

As your business grows and evolves, so should your insurance. Many professionals make the mistake of setting up their aesthetic insurance once and forgetting about it. However, as you expand your services or invest in new technology, your insurance needs may change.

Tip: Review and update your insurance policy annually or whenever you make significant changes to your business model or service offering. This ensures that your coverage remains adequate and relevant, protecting you against newly developed risks.


Choosing the right aesthetic insurance is more than just a formality; it’s a crucial aspect of safeguarding your business and your reputation. Avoid these common mistakes to ensure that you select a policy that offers complete protection tailored to your specific needs. Remember, adequate coverage is not just a regulatory requirement—it’s also a major contributor to your business’s longevity and success in the competitive aesthetic industry.

This blog is crafted to help both aesthetic insurance for medics and non-medics navigate their insurance choices wisely, aligning with your unique professional needs and helping you continue to provide safe, high-quality care without undue risk. Get a list of trustworthy aesthetic insurance companies through Faces today.

Tycoon’s Daughter Outrageous Fiasco: Why Consent Forms Are Important!

Tycoon's Daughter Outrageous Fiasco: Why Consent Forms Are Important!

Have you heard the latest news? We certainly did.

It’s about an aesthetic nurse practitioner who got her licence revoked and her business closed due to a botched treatment and a lack of consent form.

Yes, a botched treatment will certainly earn you and your business flak; however, treating a client without a patient consent form is another world of hurt. Faces is loud and proud of our commitment to safety and standards, and news like this makes us think that it’s that time again to remind aesthetic professionals that a safe and quality treatment should always comprise of these 3 things to ensure that from start to finish, you’re delivering a safe treatment to your clients.

A complete consent form

If you’re new to aesthetics, a consent form or an informed consent is a crucial document that allows a practitioner to highlight all information about a medical procedure (in this case, an aesthetic treatment). It consists of information related to the possible risks and benefits of a treatment. If your client decides to have an aesthetic treatment, he/she needs to sign the form to give you official consent

Concerning why consent forms are important, an incomplete consent form is a gigantic risk for you and your business. Besides the fact that your insurance won’t back you up, you’re opening yourself to a medical malpractice claim. Informed consent is a legal and ethical obligation that needs to be given for every treatment, for clients to receive timely information about the aesthetic treatments they’re having. In addition, aesthetic professionals carrying out any procedures or treatments without a patient consent form can be a basis for assault, potentially opening themselves to criminal penalties under UK law.

It’s easy to brush off an incomplete consent form, but when you’ve realised the risk you’re opening yourself into, the actualisation of reality comes kicking in.

We know that filling out a consent form every time a client comes in would take time, but you can always use Faces for your consent forms. You can even take the load from your client by automating the consent form sent through Faces. We’ll simplify things for you; just WhatsApp us, and we’ll help you!

Keep in mind that keeping legal troubles away is one of the reasons why consent forms are important.

A great aftercare service

A great practitioner takes care of his/her clients, you can spot an excellent practitioner from a mile away by looking through his/her aftercare service delivery.

Aftercare is a continuation of your treatment of your clients. Aftercare plays a vital role in ensuring the best possible results for an aesthetic treatment while guaranteeing the health and safety of each client. Delivering an aftercare service can be done through an aftercare document, both aftercare documents and patient consent forms can be accessed and sent through Faces.

The risk for aesthetic treatments is minimal, but it’s always there, and aftercare is the process that keeps the risk to a minimum and possibly makes it zero. Failure to administer the proper aftercare would result in treatments being botched up, life-threatening risks, and possibly even death

An aesthetic treatment should be a situation where your clients enjoy its benefits, not being scared of its risks to their health. An aftercare document combined with a consent form from Faces could 100% elevate the results of their treatment and what they think of you as an aesthetic practitioner.

Communication, communication, and communication!

You already know why consent forms are important and why aftercare should be the norm, now let’s talk about communication.

98% of the population uses English as their medium of communication, but we understand that some practitioners don’t communicate well in English. A language barrier may hinder a connection between you and your client; worst case scenario, your client would be misinterpreting what you’ll say and turn it against you!

Communication is a two-way street, but you need to ensure that what comes on your side is factual and clear. Invest time in building the vocabulary being used in the business, finding the common words being used when doing aesthetic treatments, and finding their meaning. Being specific, asking for clarifications from time to time, and avoiding idioms that will confuse your clients even further would help you convey your thoughts clearly and easily for your clients to digest. Having the patience to communicate and build your understanding of the language would certainly benefit how you approach and communicate with your client.

Our message to you

The world doesn’t need another incompetent aesthetic practitioner. Faces and other channels of information will always give you the reminder you need to perform safe aesthetic treatments. It’s up to you how will you use this information to make sure you’re doing the right thing.

If you want to make your process easier, use Faces. If you want to know more about our industry, follow Faces. If you need any help, ask Faces. We’re always here for you.

Why 90% of Aesthetic Businesses Fail in The First Year

Why 90% of Aesthetic Businesses Fail in The First Year. The answer may be a shock to you

Aesthetic Businesses in the UK

The aesthetic industry has seen a huge leap in demand and market size. Recent reports suggest that 7.7 million people had an aesthetic treatment in the UK in the past 12 months. This shows that aesthetic businesses, whether going solo or establishing a clinic, could generate higher potential income in the years to come.

As the market and demand increase, practitioners training for aesthetic treatments has also risen. As far as we know, at least 940 aesthetic clinics are registered in the UK, though these numbers don’t reflect solo aesthetic professionals or a representation of the number of practitioners doing treatments in an aesthetic clinic.

With the overflowing market, it is still a wonder why 90% of aesthetic businesses fail in their first year. In this blog, we will examine the key reasons why many aesthetic businesses fail and how to avoid their mistakes. Make sure to follow closely!

1. Lack or Unclear Aesthetic Business Strategy

The fatal flaw of most aesthetic businesses is the lack of an unclear business strategy. We know that you’d like to make money off of aesthetic treatments, but without a clear and well-written business strategy, you’re preparing yourself to fail. Successful aesthetic clinics or solo aesthetic practitioners have a clear goal for their target market, a financial goal, and growth strategies to promote their business. Without a proper business strategy, serious problems like unreasonable decisions, unorganised allocation of resources, and ultimately, business failure can arise.

How do you avoid it?

Prepare a well-thought-out and organised business plan. I know it’s simple to say and hard to do, but a business plan shapes your approach towards your business goals. Before preparing a business plan or strategy, try extensive research on the market first. Check what the ideal client is that you’ll mostly cater to, their wants and needs, and the things they’ll like. This will give you an advantage over most startup aesthetic businesses, as you’ll be able to pinpoint their needs without them telling you.

Download a free business plan for your aesthetic business by clicking here.

2. Financial Management

You’re not doing business if you’re not earning enough. Financial mismanagement is a plague that most aesthetic businesses suffer from. Many aesthetic businesses may find themselves spending on luxurious equipment, designs, and other non-essential items for their business. Without a strong grip on financial matters, aesthetic professionals may find themselves spending more than what they are earning. Worst scenario, you won’t be able to cover your operational costs, which may lead to your business closing.

How do you avoid financial mismanagement?

Having a clear business strategy or plan will help you with financial management. Understanding your day-to-day costs, financial position, and becoming more efficient in controlling overhead costs will help you tone down your spending and understand your major expenditures. Another method to help you manage your finances is to ensure your customers pay on time. With Faces, get deposits easily when clients book at your clinic. Faces will help you decrease your no-shows and client cancellations with our robust deposit feature!

3. Ineffective Marketing and Customer Acquisition

What’s a business without its customers? Aesthetic businesses without an effective marketing strategy and good customer interaction will ultimately fail. As our profit is reliant on customers, clinics and aesthetic practitioners fail due to a zero marketing strategy. Inadequate online presence, community engagement, and community building would deter any potential customers from messaging your business.

How do I successfully market my aesthetic business?

Use Faces! Faces has a free marketing tool built into our app that helps your business build online credibility. We offer a clinic marketplace for visibility, a free website builder to lay the foundations of your online presence, and a marketing manager you can hire for as little as £3 a day! Besides Faces powerful features, you can also take advantage by understanding how your competition markets themselves; try to peek at their Instagram account and take some notes!


Failing to prepare means you’re preparing yourself to fail. Dreaming about a successful aesthetic business is easy, but building one takes time, effort, and willpower. We know it’s not easy, but Faces is here to ensure you’re on the right path to success. Internalise what you’ve read and download Faces to get these powerful features for free. Download today!

Find the Best Clinics Near You With These 5 Tips!

Find the Best Clinics Near You With These 5 Tips! Scout and book your treatments with the best clinics using these 5 tricks!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and verified best clinics and practitioners are a way to shape your desired beauty. As more aesthetic professionals join the fray, the competition is becoming fiercer than ever. As more options arise, the need for selectiveness is essential. In this blog, we will show you a ‘surefire’ way of selecting the right aesthetic clinics near you!

Understand your needs first.

You can work with the most prestigious clinic in the UK, but if you don’t know what you want, your clinic of choosing can’t give you what you desire. It is pivotal to understand your needs first. Start asking the right questions, like what your end goal is, how long you would like to see the results, your budget, and even your willingness to travel. Understanding your necessity is a key element in setting your expectations before getting a treatment.

Once you understand your needs, it’s time to choose the best clinic that’s right for you. Start your search by looking for:

Professional Experience

When it comes to safe and quality aesthetic treatments, being with an experienced practitioner is the safest choice. From solo practitioners to clinics, professionals with years of experience and several accreditations would be able to deliver top-notch treatments and advice. But newly-baked practitioners can offer fresher insights, cheaper treatments, and exclusive offers in the long run.

To choose someone with experience, also consider their specialisation and the list of treatments that they can do. Ask them multiple questions about the treatment, their treatment plan, and the various risks of the treatment. This will show you how they respond to your situation and reveal their personality towards their clients.

Technology is at the forefront

Technology has heavily impacted the beauty industry. From aesthetic clinics being able to improve their way of managing client details to streamlining how they do business with their clients, it has revolutionised how to receive clients better. As clients like you value time, you need to find a clinic that has the technology to save you time. Best clinics with easy-to-use booking systems, updated machines for treatments, and punctual service reminders would say a lot about their reliability and customer care.

To help you find the right clinic, Faces has a marketplace where you can find an aesthetic clinic or practitioner near you. Find the best clinic near you by clicking here.

Are they cheap cost-effective?

There’s a big difference between cheap and cost-effective, and without proper understanding, cheaper treatments will be expensive. Treatments with lower prices can be offered to clients by using cheaper products, hiring practitioners with zero to little experience, or having low business costs. Never risk your face or your body with dubious, cheap treatments; instead, always look for a cost-effective treatment. Cost-effective treatments achieve good patient results because the cost is directly proportional to the quality of the products and the effectiveness of the treatment. Being cost-effective doesn’t necessarily mean being expensive, as best clinics produce desired outcomes while using the least amount of resources.

Best clinics have reviews

Reviews from previous clients say a lot about the experience they had with a clinic. Before depositing for that treatment, try to find the clinic on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Read all of the latest reviews, and try to find a review specific to your treatments to learn about previous experiences from their various clients. Testimonials and reviews should be concrete proof of the quality of the treatments!


With the ever-growing beauty industry, it is tough to find the best clinic that matches your values and aims. However, the right methods to examine potential aesthetic clinics will help you find the ‘perfect’ clinic or practitioner to treat you.

Search for a verified, reliable, and safe clinic near you on Faces. Click here to find a clinic!

The Illusion of Promo Prices: How To Leverage And Get More Clients!

As multiple clinics introduce different promo prices, deals, and benefits to clients, the competition to get more clients is fiercer than ever. To establish a strong presence, you need to keep your existing clients and boost your current clientele. Understanding what and when to implement price strategies would offer a winning situation for your business and your clients.

In this blog, Faces will inform you about promotional pricing, types of promotional pricing, and best practices when implementing these prices. We’ll also explore how effective use of promo prices drives client engagement, business appeal, and sales!

To understand promo prices, let’s look at your market first.

Understanding your Market

Before diving deeper into promotional pricing, you first need to understand the market you’re going into. Researching your local and top competitors, understanding how treatments are priced, and identifying what clients value the most will give you an edge by personalising promotions based on what you have gathered on your market.

Once you’ve done your research, and are confident in what you have gathered, let’s define and examine the different types of promotional pricing!

Types of Promotional Pricing

Promo pricing or promo price, is a sales strategy implemented by businesses to attract new clients, re-book existing clients who have gone quiet, and overall increase the value of their treatments by creating the illusion of scarcity.

A successful promo or offer should result in higher profit and an increase in clientele. To increase both factors, there are different types of promotional pricing that you should consider.

Introductory Offers

This usually refers to a discount given to new clients booking at your clinic, or a discounted offer for a new treatment that you’re introducing to your clients. 

Package Deals

Treatments that are bundled together to form a package fitting for clients. Packages can take form depending on the season (summer or winter deals), needs (anti-wrinkle package), or the number of treatments (Buy 6, Get 1 Free HydraFacial).

Seasonal Discounts

These discounts align with the season or holidays. For example, Lemon Bottle, 3D PowerSculpt, or other fat-burning treatments are discounted during the summer. Another example would be lip filler treatments, which are heavily discounted during Halloween.

Referral Programmes

Are a type of pricing strategy that rewards clients who bring in new clients. Incentives can be in the form of a discount or a complimentary service.

Best Practices: How to Effectively Use It!

When implementing these strategies, consider the following:

1. Constrict time.

Create a sense of urgency and highlight the value of time by making it a limited-time offer. This makes clients act upon your offer after seeing it, making it more likely for them to book in and make a deposit.

2. Marketing on all avenues!

Text, social media, emails, and websites—there are a lot of avenues you can take to make your promotions known to interested clients. Post content related to your offer, announce how many days are left, and post the treatment results online.

3. Highlight their savings.

Customers who see how much they’ll save on the treatments are more likely to grab your offers. Use percentage discounts (50% off!) or monetary value (Save £467!) when highlighting how much they’ll save.

4. Crystal clear message.

Ensure the promotion is straightforward and can be easily understood. Some clients would exploit loopholes in your offer, so make sure that you have reviewed everything and sorted out the terms and conditions before announcing it.

Providing discounts on Faces

Faces is more than just a consent-form app. Efficiently add the discount codes when sending your consent forms to your clients. They can also add it manually once they book through your booking link.

Create promotional emails on Faces too! Send it to all your clients, or manually select the people you’d like to give discounts to. Remember to set up your discount codes first to work this out. You can also send us an email or a WhatsApp message so we can help!

To summarise,

Effectively leveraging promotions and offers will give you a substantial increase in sales and boost your client base. It would also establish your market presence in your vicinity, enabling your business to compete with the top clinics in your area.

4 Critical Reasons Why Your Competition Has More Clients

It’s obvious that the aesthetics industry continues to grow. Forecasts believe that by 2026, the value of the injectables market alone will be £11.7 billion. In the UK alone, there are 940 aesthetics clinics in business, with over 10,000 individuals offering private treatments. It is evident how competitive the industry is, and aesthetic professionals need to be more crafty than ever to gain the attention of potential clients.

It’s a competitive market, not a saturated market.

Don’t misunderstand us; our industry has been more competitive over the years, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s already oversaturated. 13.9 million (1 in 5) people are considering getting aesthetic treatments in the next 12 months. That’s a huge opportunity to convert those onlookers into recurring customers.

Why is the grass greener on the other side?

Being jealous of other clinic’s success is understandable. But being jealous without knowing what you can do better can hinder your ability to see the bigger picture. In this blog, we will talk about the things you are not doing to get more clients and the things you’re subconsciously doing that drive away potential clients. But we’re not just listing it down; we’re also offering a solution that would help you get more clients for your aesthetics business.

Read this with an open mind, and try to come up with your own solution too.

1. Your response time is too slow

Customers want their questions answered in a matter of seconds. If you fail to reply and provide the answers within seconds, there is a high chance that these customers will not continue to book. Though there are some people who only inquire for some details, it’s already been proven that timely and professional customer service enforces the customer’s decision to buy a service or a product from you.

How do I improve my response time?

Improve your response time by making sure you’re always getting notified about new messages. If you have to put your phone or devices away from you for a set amount of time, make sure you have automated messages that predict the most common questions you receive from time to time.

Another solution is to present all the information before a customer inquires. You can do this by pasting and directly sending your booking link to your clients. When a client books through your Faces booking link, they will be able to see all the prices, treatment details, hours of availability, and even your payment options.

Get your booking link by sending us a message on WhatsApp. Click here to message us.

2. You don’t have other payment options

Is cash the only payment option you are offering to your clients? That might be a mistake. Clients would love to pay in different forms besides cash; some prefer card payments or even split the payments monthly, so why not offer the convenience?

How do I get more payment options?

You can offer more payment options by using Faces as your booking system. Through Faces, you’d be able to accept other forms of payment and we can offer your clients a Buy Now, Pay Later option for their treatments. Don’t worry, you’ll still get paid in full after 24 hours of receiving the 4-digit PIN code from your clients. To know more about our Buy Now, Pay Later option, check out this FAQ board.

3. Your prices might be too expensive.

We get it; your price is dependent on your business costs and professional experience, but most of the clients don’t think about what’s behind the pricing structure. Your most expensive treatments are also expensive for a reason; the procedure is delicate, and your products are also expensive.

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How do I drop my price while earning?

Get an alternative yet effective counterpart for your products; some established brands are priced high because the ‘name’ behind them is established and wanted by many. Consider asking your pharmacy or your peers for cost-effective alternatives to your products. If the results prove to be good, then why spend more on an expensive product? To help you with your journey, you can search for the cheapest products on Faces by clicking this link.

Another take on this problem is to get BNPL for your clients. By registering on Faces for free, we will be able to offer finance to your clients. Send us a message to help you kickstart your application.

4. You might be a ghost on the internet.

We’re living in a digital age, and not using digital platforms to advertise your business is equal to punching yourself right in the gut. A social media platform not optimised to attract clients can also hurt your conversion rates. Clients are using reviews, testimonials, and online posts from your business to make well-informed decisions. If you don’t have an online presence, it’s likely that clients will not do business with you.

How do I get online visibility?

There are various steps that you can easily take to make your business visible online. First, you have to optimise your social media by posting client testimonials, photo of treatments, and some personal posts. Second, you would need to set up your Google Business Page, add a marker to your address, and list your business details on Google. Last, you need to set up your own website to increase the credibility of your business. You can build a no-code website for free on Faces by clicking this link

The obvious solution to everything

Don’t focus on why they’re getting more clients than you; focus on the actions you aren’t taking to gain more clients.

It would hurt your business if you continued to focus on other businesses. Formulate a plan of action, execute it, and make revisions until you’ve perfected your business model. Don’t compete with other aesthetic professionals; instead, compete with yourself and make yourself better with each passing day.

As a free business booster, you can sign up on Faces and show your aesthetic practice to thousands of clients. Faces is a “free”-mium app to market your business and a resource hub for all things aesthetics.

Sign up on Faces for free today! If you have any questions, simply reach out to us by email, WhatsApp, or by calling us at 01785 558018.

Faces | Where To Buy Authentic Toxins and Diluents Online?

To buy toxins and diluents, aesthetic professionals need to be cautious. As counterfeit products circulate in the UK aesthetics industry, the dangers of fake toxins and diluents continuously bring horror to practitioners and clients alike. In 2023 alone, a hefty amount of unregistered prescription products was seized in Greater Manchester, proving that there are certain groups of individuals who would capitalise on the uninformed buyers just to make money.

Events like this are a nightmare for aesthetic practitioners who have recently started their journey in aesthetics. The same sentiments can also be shared by practitioners who have already fallen for too-good-to-be-true deals. But to know where to buy toxins and diluents, we need to understand how prescription-only medicines work.

Understanding Prescription-Only Medicines

A prescription-only medicine or POM, is a type of medicine that can only be purchased if it is authorised by a health professional. Aesthetic practitioners obtaining POM need to have a valid prescription for it. Once a prescription has been given, it can be submitted to authentic pharmacies.

Medicine classified under POM is strictly regulated because of the risk it imposes. If someone offers a POM outside the right channels, you should think twice! But don’t worry; we’ll now be looking at where you can buy this medicine!

Where to buy Toxins & Diluents

A simple answer would be to go to a reputable pharmacy. But here are the things you need to check about the pharmacy first before making that first purchase.

1. The pharmacy name and business should be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). An online pharmacy should declare that they are registered with the GHPC on their ‘About Us’ page. Look up the pharmacy on the pharmacy register by clicking here.

2. Healthcare professionals in these pharmacies should be registered with different UK regulators.

3. Their website shouldn’t look sketchy, and when you call for someone, they should know the answers to your questions about their products.

To save you the hassle, you can check out this reputable marketplace. Faces have also gathered verified, trusted, and knowledgeable pharmacies in the aesthetics industry to provide aesthetics professionals with safe and reliable pharmacy services. Learn more by clicking here.

Requirements to buy Toxins & Diluents

There are certain requirements to meet before buying a prescription item. The following are:

1. Identity Card or ID – Practitioners need to verify their identity by presenting an ID. Examples of valid IDs that can be presented are passports and driving licences. All information on your ID should also be visible.

2. Certificate of Training – To verify that you have been trained to use toxins, diluents, and other prescription medicines, you need to present a photo or scanned copy of your training certificate. Make sure that your training certificate indicates the training academy you’ve graduated from, your name, the name of the trainer, and the tracking number of the certificate.

3. Insurance Documents – You need to be insured before procuring POMs. If you haven’t gotten your insurance, here is a list of insurance providers that you can work with. When sending your insurance documents, make sure that your document contains your name or your business name, a policy or reference number, and your insurance coverage dates.

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Insurance Comprehensive Coverage for UK Aesthetics: Pro Guide

4. Prescription – Obviously, prescription items would need a prescription from prescribers. Prescribers would need to do a consultation with your clients before you get a prescription for your POMs. 

If you haven’t partnered up with a prescriber, you can look for one near you by clicking here.

How to buy prescription items

To order prescription items, you need to find an authentic pharmacy. You would also need to compare different pharmacies to get the best deals. To make it quick and hassle-free, simply create or log in to your Faces account. Once logged in, click on the shop icon and browse our catalogue of different prescription items from our partnered pharmacies.

Here’s a link to a FAQ board about our shop and pharmacy section!

What other prescription medicines can you buy?

For a full list of categories, please visit Faces or simply click here.

How To Not Lose Clients For Aesthetic Clinics: 3-Step Guide

Clients are crucial for every business, especially within the aesthetics industry. Most clients come and go; however, turning them into loyal clients keeps businesses afloat and makes expansion possible. Before implementing several strategies to build a loyal following, aesthetic professionals must understand how clients decide.

Typically, clients decide which clinic to do business with based on these 3 thoughts: value for money, quality of treatments, and the reviews given to the clinic. Each client formulates these thoughts based on what they have seen on your social media and website and their conversation with you.

If you’re still stuck on getting new clients, then check out these tips on generating clients!

Satisfy these thoughts, and congratulations! You have a new client. But what’s next?

Client Retention

Keeping clients hooked—that’s client retention, in a nutshell. But to expound on what client retention is, it is a meticulous process for business owners to keep clients coming back. In addition, this also refers to the ability of an aesthetic business to turn new clients into ‘repeat clients’. Client retention also encompasses how well aesthetic businesses keep their existing clients from switching over to a competitor.

Now there are subtle ways to make clients stay. From a seamless booking experience to offering flexible payment options, which greatly boost their experience with your clinic. But there are also obvious methods that will tip the scales in your favour. Let’s go ahead and dive into the first method!

Build a solid foundation

Your business needs a solid foundation to work, and so does client retention. Developing a welcoming atmosphere, using the right tools for a seamless booking experience, and highlighting your strong points on social media are the foundations you must build to retain clients. Pair these with a good set of ears for listening and a personalised treatment based on what they’ve needed, and you’ll have the perfect formula for tugging your client’s heartstrings.

Leverage technology

We can’t express this enough! Technology was developed to make things easier for people, but some people still underestimate its ability to positively affect decision-making. Providing a seamless customer experience with the use of a booking system like Faces will increase customer satisfaction, improve customer loyalty with higher retention rates, increase brand credibility, and increase sales and revenue. You’re getting clients hooked while scaling your business; hit two birds with one stone!

Get those success stories

The impact of reviews on small to medium businesses is massive! 98% of clients look for reviews first before booking their treatments. Reviews are what make you stand out from other clinics. This also serves as a benchmark to measure the quality of treatments that they will receive from you. 

Another point in getting these success stories and reviews from your clients is to also be critical of your service. Do not ask for a “5-star review”; instead, ask them for their honest opinion about the services. Letting them voice out their real perspective about the treatments they’ve received would make them feel like they are being heard. This is important since listening to customer feedback would help you shape how you receive clients and nurture them to keep them coming back!


Making clients loyal to your business would go a long way. Advertising through word-of-mouth, repeat business, and even defending you to some extent are the free things you’ll get from them. Another free thing you can get is Faces! Faces is an app built for aesthetic professionals; you can leverage it to get new clients, improve their booking experience, and so much more. With a Faces Verified badge, you can also show your new and existing clients how much you value safety in all your treatments.

If you’re ready to implement your client retention methods, always bring Faces with you. Download the app, and contact us on WhatsApp if you need help setting it up.

The Complete Guide on the Most Popular Aesthetic Treatments this 2024!

With the ever-changing nature of the aesthetic industry, different aesthetic treatments have emerged. Over the years, the most popular aesthetic treatments have always included injectables, facials, and variations on skin treatments!

In 2024, several treatments that we may have heard or not heard of will be hogging the spotlight. This would provide critical insights on what clients want in 2024 and pave the way for better and more innovative aesthetic treatments in the years to come.

Let’s briefly discuss these aesthetic treatments in this blog. Starting off with the first popular aesthetic treatment,

non-surgical rhinoplasty before and after results.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Commonly referred to as liquid rhinoplasty or a non-surgical nose job, this is a method of enhancing the client’s nose through a minimally invasive procedure. This method requires the insertion of dermal fillers composed of hyaluronic acid through different regions of the nose, but typically in the nasal bridge, tip, and radix.

After the procedure, clients can expect a more refined nose without lumps and a sharper nose tip, depending on their needs.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty has been getting famous as the changes can be reversible, results can be observed for a fair amount of time (generally 6 months to 2 years), and it is more affordable compared with a surgical nose job. The downtime and risk of non-surgical rhinoplasty are comparatively lower than their surgical counterparts, making it a popular aesthetics treatment choice for clients all over the country.

liquid bbl aesthetics treatment before and after.

Liquid BBL

Just like non-surgical rhinoplasty, liquid BBL, or bum filler, is a minimally invasive aesthetics treatment that is popular with clients who want a cheaper and safer alternative to Brazilian butt lifts. The procedure usually lasts 30 minutes to an hour. This treatment involves strategically injecting into different buttock areas to add volume, create a rounded shape, and generally produce a lifted appearance.

The hype around liquid BBL is continuously increasing, with several clinics introducing it into the market at the best price possible. Along with the price, promising results like defined curves, minimal to zero downtime, and lasting yet reversible results are the key reasons clients flock to clinics offering this aesthetics treatment!

Platelet-Rich-Plasma Fibrin aesthetics treatment

PRF (Platelet-Rich-Plasma Fibrin)

PRF is the new spin for PRP in 2024! While these popular aesthetics treatment are similar in nature, PRF contains a higher concentration of platelets compared to its predecessor, indicating better results. 

PRF is commonly used after microneedling treatments or can be directly injected. The treatment is used for combating oily skin, wrinkly or ageing skin, and scar reduction. It can also be used to stimulate hair growth in the scalp and your eyebrows.

This treatment is becoming popular due to lower infection risks and faster healing rates. Clients also observed more lasting results from PRF compared to PRP.

Polynucleotides injection aesthetics treatment


Polynucleotides are long and complex chains of nucleotides. They’re the foundations of our DNA and RNA. Translating it to the aesthetics industry, polynucleotide injections are a type of regenerative medicine that promotes collagen and elastin production, enhances skin texture, and overall rejuvenates the skin effectively.

This aesthetics treatment has seen popularity among middle-aged women, as it can be used in the face, under the eyes, and hands. Other parts, like the knees, abdomen, and arms, can also be injected to produce positive results.

What should I expect?

With the rapid evolution of aesthetics treatments, practitioners should now be more competent than ever! Being brutally honest, these new treatments wouldn’t gather instant clients and profits right away. As a rational choice, you need to make do with what you have right now. Sign up on Faces, showcase your treatments, and get more people booked in! It’s a great way to be searchable on Google and get a steady flow of clients every day. Through this, you’d be able to save up for your next aesthetics training. Through upskilling, providing a multitude of treatments, and using innovative apps for your aesthetic needs, like Faces, you can be assured that your business will stand the test of time.

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