Clients are crucial for every business, especially within the aesthetics industry. Most clients come and go; however, turning them into loyal clients keeps businesses afloat and makes expansion possible. Before implementing several strategies to build a loyal following, aesthetic professionals must understand how clients decide.

Typically, clients decide which clinic to do business with based on these 3 thoughts: value for money, quality of treatments, and the reviews given to the clinic. Each client formulates these thoughts based on what they have seen on your social media and website and their conversation with you.

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Satisfy these thoughts, and congratulations! You have a new client. But what’s next?

Client Retention

Keeping clients hooked—that’s client retention, in a nutshell. But to expound on what client retention is, it is a meticulous process for business owners to keep clients coming back. In addition, this also refers to the ability of an aesthetic business to turn new clients into ‘repeat clients’. Client retention also encompasses how well aesthetic businesses keep their existing clients from switching over to a competitor.

Now there are subtle ways to make clients stay. From a seamless booking experience to offering flexible payment options, which greatly boost their experience with your clinic. But there are also obvious methods that will tip the scales in your favour. Let’s go ahead and dive into the first method!

Build a solid foundation

Your business needs a solid foundation to work, and so does client retention. Developing a welcoming atmosphere, using the right tools for a seamless booking experience, and highlighting your strong points on social media are the foundations you must build to retain clients. Pair these with a good set of ears for listening and a personalised treatment based on what they’ve needed, and you’ll have the perfect formula for tugging your client’s heartstrings.

Leverage technology

We can’t express this enough! Technology was developed to make things easier for people, but some people still underestimate its ability to positively affect decision-making. Providing a seamless customer experience with the use of a booking system like Faces will increase customer satisfaction, improve customer loyalty with higher retention rates, increase brand credibility, and increase sales and revenue. You’re getting clients hooked while scaling your business; hit two birds with one stone!

Get those success stories

The impact of reviews on small to medium businesses is massive! 98% of clients look for reviews first before booking their treatments. Reviews are what make you stand out from other clinics. This also serves as a benchmark to measure the quality of treatments that they will receive from you. 

Another point in getting these success stories and reviews from your clients is to also be critical of your service. Do not ask for a “5-star review”; instead, ask them for their honest opinion about the services. Letting them voice out their real perspective about the treatments they’ve received would make them feel like they are being heard. This is important since listening to customer feedback would help you shape how you receive clients and nurture them to keep them coming back!


Making clients loyal to your business would go a long way. Advertising through word-of-mouth, repeat business, and even defending you to some extent are the free things you’ll get from them. Another free thing you can get is Faces! Faces is an app built for aesthetic professionals; you can leverage it to get new clients, improve their booking experience, and so much more. With a Faces Verified badge, you can also show your new and existing clients how much you value safety in all your treatments.

If you’re ready to implement your client retention methods, always bring Faces with you. Download the app, and contact us on WhatsApp if you need help setting it up.

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