We're an independent, small business insurance broker specialising in aesthetics and beauty treatments. We're digital, and we're different. Because with us, you can buy your policy online in minutes, without the jargon or the hassle.

Our medical malpractice (medmal) insurance means you're covered if a treatment doesn't go to plan. Or if you have a mishap and a client is injured.

If a customer says you did something wrong, it can take time, know-how and money to deal with. Insurance from us gives you all three. It pays for a solicitor to defend you, even if you're not at fault, and it pays any compensation owed.

Cover is available for both medics and non-medics, who'll need at least an NVQ Level 3 or equivalent.

And it covers you no matter where you work. At a salon, in a clinic, or at your client's home.

We also offer public liability insurance to protect your business if a client slips, trips or falls. Or if you break something valuable of theirs when you're out and about.

Better business insurance
We know that doing business differently makes a difference. We do insurance better by:

- Making professional insurance quick and easy to buy online
- Offering a monthly payment option
- Using plain English and ditching the insurance jargon
- Offering a free info hub full of advice and helpful tips.

We're picky about which insurers we work with, and we don't offer a one-size-fits-none service. Instead, we work hard to find a policy that fits your business needs perfectly.

Plus, we have a dedicated team of friendly, insurance-savvy experts who are on hand if you need them. And they can give you advice - not all insurance companies or brokers can.