Scalp Micro-pigmentation Consent Form

A scalp micro-pigmentation consent form is a document that a client reads and signs before having the SMP treatment.

The consent form explains the potential risks, benefits, and other important information a client needs to know before having the treatment.

The client will typically receive the scalp micro-pigmentation consent form during the initial consultation with the SMP specialist. During the consultation, the specialist will explain the procedure, answer any questions the client may have, and provide the consent form for review.

The client will have the opportunity to review the form and ask any additional questions they may have before signing it. When signing the consent form, the client will agree they understand the potential risks and complications associated with the procedure, the pre-and post-procedure instructions, the expected results, costs, and payment options.

The client then gives their approval to go ahead with the treatment. It's important the client reads and understands the consent form thoroughly before signing it to ensure they make an informed decision about the procedure. If the client has any concerns or questions, they should discuss them with the SMP specialist before signing the form.

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