Motus AX Consent Form

Motus AX is a laser hair removal system that uses technology to help remove of hair on the body.

The Motus AX consent form will explain to the client the details of the treatment. The form will list the benefits and risks of the treatment, also the form will explain the client's responsibilities before and after the procedure. 

The below information outlines what is normally shown on the consent form

  1. Client Details: the start of the form will ask for the client's name, date of birth, address, and contact information.

  2. Treatment Information: This section of the form will describe the Motus AX laser hair removal treatment, including how it works, the number of sessions required, and any special instructions for preparing for the treatment.

  3. Risks and Benefits: The form will describe the potential risks and benefits of the treatment. Risks may include skin irritation, pigmentation changes, and scarring, while benefits may include reduced hair growth and smoother skin.

  4. Pre- and Post-Treatment Instructions: Here will be instructions for the patient to follow before and after the procedure to ensure the best possible outcome. These may include avoiding sun exposure, avoiding certain medications or products, and using sunscreen.

  5. Consent: The consent part of the form will be where it says the client has read the consent form and understands the process. The client will then be asked to sign the form as well as the practitioner. 

Prior to undergoing the Motus AX laser hair removal treatment, it is crucial that clients thoroughly review the consent form. It outlines pertinent information such as associated risks, and benefits, as well as pre-and post-treatment instructions. It is imperative that clients familiarise themselves with the contents of the form, and raise any questions or concerns with their practitioner. Additionally, clients should receive a comprehensive explanation of the form from their practitioner. Ultimately, clients should make a decision and sign the form only after careful consideration of all the information contained therein.

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