Lumineers Consent Form

The Lumineers Consent Form is a crucial legal document that is provided to patients who are contemplating undergoing a cosmetic dental procedure to apply Lumineers. Lumineers are a form of porcelain veneer that can be utilised to address cosmetic dental concerns such as discoloured or misshapen teeth.

The Lumineers Consent Form has been thoughtfully crafted to offer patients a comprehensive understanding of the procedure, covering its potential risks and benefits, and securing informed consent prior to its execution. This documentation usually encompasses details of the procedure itself, potential risks and complications, benefits, the anaesthesia involved, and the post-procedure recovery process.

The Lumineers Consent Form must be signed by the patient to confirm their acknowledgement of having fully read and comprehended the risks, benefits, and other significant details associated with the Lumineers procedure. By giving their informed consent, the patient authorises the procedure to proceed.

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