Lip Tattoo Consent Form

The cosmetic procedure known as lip tattoo, micro pigmentation or permanent makeup, involves the insertion of pigment into the lips to create a fuller, defined appearance. In order to ensure the client is fully informed about the nature of the treatment and has given their informed consent, a comprehensive consent form is required.

The lip tattoo consent form encompasses a detailed medical history of the client, possible allergies, and specifics of the treatment itself. Additionally, a waiver may be included for the client to sign, indicating they have been informed of the treatment's risks and are consenting to the procedure. Common risks associated with lip tattoos include pain, bleeding, infection, scarring, and an allergic reaction to the pigments utilised.

The Lip Tattoo consent form may also include information about the expected results of the treatment, the number of sessions required, and any pre- or post-treatment care instructions. It may also include information about any potential side effects or complications, such as the possibility of needing touch-ups or the pigments fading or changing colour over time.

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