Invisalign Consent Form

The Invisalign consent form is a crucial legal document utilised by orthodontic clinics to educate patients on the potential benefits, risks, and alternative options available with Invisalign treatment. Invisalign is a unique type of orthodontic treatment that involves employing transparent, removable aligners to align teeth. 

The Invisalign Consent Form typically includes comprehensive details regarding the treatment plan, encompassing the number of aligners necessitated, the estimated duration of the treatment, and the associated cost. In addition, it provides information about the potential risks and advantages of Invisalign therapy, such as the likelihood of tooth decay or gum disease, and provides guidance on how to maintain the aligners. Moreover, it may require patients to disclose any pre-existing oral health issues that may impact the efficacy of the treatment.

The Invisalign Consent Form serves as a confirmation that the patient has thoroughly read and comprehended the information provided regarding the treatment, and that they have given their consent to proceed. The contents of an Invisalign consent form may differ from one orthodontic clinic to another, but its primary objective is to furnish patients with extensive information regarding the treatment and to safeguard both the patient and the orthodontist.


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