Hydrinity Accelerated Skin Science Consent Form

Before participating in any Hydrinity Accelerated Skin Science treatment or product trial, it is essential that clients fully understand and consent to the procedures involved. This consent form serves as a comprehensive agreement between the client and Hydrinity, outlining the specific details of the treatment, its potential benefits and risks, and any data collection processes necessary to ensure optimal results.

By signing the Hydrinity Accelerated Skin Science Consent Form, clients acknowledge their understanding of the information provided and agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth by Hydrinity.

The Hydrinity Accelerated Skin Science consent form also emphasises the importance of client privacy and data protection. Personal information and skin data collected during consultations and treatments will be used strictly for the purpose of formulating personalised skincare regimens and improving the overall quality of Hydrinity's services.

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