Hair Extensions Consent Form

Prior to receiving a hair extension treatment at a professional hair salon or from a hair stylist, clients are required to complete a Hair Extensions consent form. This form is a significant document which outlines detailed information about the hair extension service that will be provided including the type of extensions being used, the application method, and any specialised techniques involved in the process.

Moreover, the Hair Extensions consent form also refers to the potential risks and side effects that may accompany the treatment, and clients are informed of any aftercare procedures they need to follow in order to ensure the safety and longevity of the extensions. This document is necessary to ensure that clients are well informed before undergoing a hair extension treatment, and to provide peace of mind for both the hair salon/stylist and client alike.

The Hair Extensions consent form has been created to assist clients in comprehending the hair extension process, the positive and negative possibilities, and the anticipated aftermaths. By providing your signature, you are indicating that you have been instructed about the procedure and that you willingly approve of the treatment.


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