Diastasis Recti Repair Consent Form

The clinical approach for the resolution of diastasis recti entails a surgical intervention that aims to rectify the division of the rectus abdominis muscles, a condition that may transpire during gestation or due to other causative factors. Prior to the commencement of the procedure, the patient is mandated to acknowledge their informed consent by endorsing a diastasis recti repair consent form.

The diastasis recti repair consent form typically comprises an extensive medical history of the patient, encompassing their prevailing medications, allergies, and medical conditions that may impact the procedure's safety and effectiveness. Furthermore, the document elucidates the potential adverse outcomes and complications associated with the treatment, including haemorrhage, sepsis, and cicatrisation.

Upon affixing their signature to the diastasis recti repair consent form, the patient attests to having read and comprehended the potential hazards and advantages of the surgical intervention and declares their willingness to undergo the procedure. Moreover, the document serves as an official record of the patient's informed consent and provides legal protection to the healthcare provider in the event of any prospective legal claims.

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