Capsular Contracture Consent Form

A Capsular Contracture Consent Form is a legal document used to inform patients about the details of the capsular contracture treatment and to obtain their informed consent to undergo the treatment. Capsular contracture is a complication that can occur after breast augmentation surgery, where the tissue capsule around the implant becomes tight and causes the breast to become hard, misshapen or painful.

The Capsular Contracture Consent Form principally encompasses comprehensive details regarding the procedure in question, including the nature of the treatment, its procedural intricacies, and the ensuing post-treatment regimen. Additionally, the consent form expounds on the potential risks that might arise as a result of the procedure, such as the risk of infection, haemorrhage or permanent scarring.

The Capsular Contracture consent form shall furnish substantiated particulars regarding alternative courses of treatment, pre-and post-operative guidelines, available payment modalities, and the potential side effects or complications which may occur. A segment for signature shall be integrated within the Capsular Contracture Consent Form, wherein the patient acknowledges the information presented, demonstrates comprehension of the same, and grants consent to undergo the proposed capsular contracture therapy.

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