Body Dysmorphic Disorder Questionnaire (BDDQ)

The Body Dysmorphic Disorder Questionnaire (BDDQ) is designed for the screening of Body Dysmorphic Disorder. It outlines the potential risks and benefits of completing the questionnaire and provides pertinent information regarding its purpose and administration, as well as the expected length of time for completion. BDD is a psychological condition marked by an excessive focus on perceived defects in one's physical appearance.

The Body Dysmorphic Disorder Questionnaire (BDDQ) outlines the measures taken to protect the confidentiality of questionnaire responses, as well as its intended use. Furthermore, it will also provide an overview of any potential risks associated with completing the questionnaire, such as feeling distressed upon answering personal questions. Lastly, it will advise participants that they reserve the right to discontinue their participation without any repercussions.

By signing the BDDQ, individuals are confirming that they are familiar with the information provided and have agreed to take part in the questionnaire. The form will include contact details for the research team or healthcare provider overseeing the questionnaire, should the individual have any queries or worries.

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