ArteFill Consent Form

The ArteFill consent form is a legally binding document designed to apprise patients of pertinent details regarding the ArteFill procedure and to secure their informed consent to proceed with the treatment. ArteFill, a dermal filler containing microspheres suspended in a collagen gel, is employed to mitigate the appearance of wrinkles and facial lines.

The ArteFill Consent Form typically encompasses a comprehensive explanation of the procedure, encompassing details of the modality, performance, and anticipated outcomes. As a part of the process, patients are informed of the potential risks of the procedure, such as adverse reactions, infections, or scar formation. This information is relayed to enable the patient to make an informed decision regarding their treatment.

The ArteFill consent form will provide details on alternative treatments, pre- and post-procedure instructions, payment options, and any potential side effects or complications that patients should be aware of. It will also include a section for the patient to sign, indicating that they have read and understood the information provided and that they consent to undergo the ArteFill procedure.

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