Explore 9 transformative benefits for semi-permanent makeup or SPMU appointments using Faces' innovative booking system.

In the beauty industry, semi-permanent makeup has become a game-changer. But, managing SPMU appointments can be a complex task. Here’s where an innovative booking system comes into play, offering a system that transforms how businesses handle their appointments. This system can simplify scheduling, integrate seamless payment options, including ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’, and showcase special deals.

Let’s dive into the eight most significant benefits of using a booking system for semi-permanent makeup appointments.

Essential Benefits of Booking Software for SPMU Appointments

Discover eight great ways an automated booking system helps semi-permanent makeup artists manage their SPMU appointments more easily.

1. Enhanced Customer Experience

A booking system revolutionises client convenience in scheduling SPMU appointments. Its intuitive design allows easy navigation, offering daily, weekly, and monthly views for effortless appointment selection. This enhanced customer experience, marked by simplicity and accessibility, leads to increased client satisfaction and loyalty, a crucial aspect in the competitive beauty sector.

2. Efficient Appointment Management

The system excels in appointment management, offering filters for viewing appointments based on statuses such as confirmed or pending payment. Practitioners can seamlessly edit, reschedule, or cancel bookings, leading to smoother operations. This efficiency saves time and minimises the likelihood of no-shows, ensuring a more productive appointment schedule.

3. Streamlined Payment Processing

Payment flexibility is key in today’s market, and other booking software integrates a range of options, including the popular ‘Buy Now, Pay Later‘. This inclusivity in payment methods attracts a wider client base, facilitating ease of transactions and contributing to the business’s growth by catering to different customer preferences.

4. Personalised Client Interaction

Building strong client relationships is easier with a booking system. The system lets practitioners access and manage detailed client profiles, fostering personalised interactions. This approach enhances the client experience and establishes a deeper connection, encouraging repeat visits and referrals.

Learn how 8 crucial booking system benefits can elevate your semi-permanent makeup or SPMU appointments, enhancing client satisfaction.

5. Automated Reminders and Follow-ups

Automated reminders for SPMU appointments and follow-ups, sent via text or email, significantly reduce missed appointments. This feature ensures clients are regularly engaged and informed about their upcoming or follow-up sessions, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction with the service. Automated text and email reminders reduce missed appointments. Regular client engagement enhances their experience and satisfaction with the service.

6. Customisable Booking Options

The system’s adaptability stands out, allowing practitioners to tailor appointments. They can specify details like location, service type, and pricing, offering services that meet individual client needs. This customisation enhances service quality and client satisfaction, key factors in building a successful beauty business.

7. Comprehensive Consent Form Management

Other booking systems simplify managing consent forms, a critical aspect of semi-permanent makeup services. Practitioners can easily integrate, access, and manage consent forms, ensuring legal compliance and client safety. This feature saves time and enhances the service’s professionalism, providing clients with security and trust. Practitioners can tailor appointments, specify location, service type, and pricing, meet individual client needs, and enhance service quality.

8. Financial and Operational Insights

Understanding the financial and operational aspects of your business is crucial. An innovative booking system offers valuable insights through statistics on semi-permanent makeup or SPMU appointments, treatments, total expenditure, and no-show rates. These insights aid in making informed decisions for business growth and operational efficiency.


A booking system like Faces offers various benefits for semi-permanent makeup appointments. It’s a comprehensive solution for the aesthetic industry, from enhancing customer experience to providing valuable business insights. By simplifying scheduling, integrating various payment options, and enabling special deal showcases, it stands as an invaluable tool for practitioners. Adopting this system could be the key to taking your semi-permanent makeup business to new heights.

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