Why 90% of Aesthetic Businesses Fail in The First Year

Why 90% of Aesthetic Businesses Fail in The First Year. The answer may be a shock to you

Aesthetic Businesses in the UK

The aesthetic industry has seen a huge leap in demand and market size. Recent reports suggest that 7.7 million people had an aesthetic treatment in the UK in the past 12 months. This shows that aesthetic businesses, whether going solo or establishing a clinic, could generate higher potential income in the years to come.

As the market and demand increase, practitioners training for aesthetic treatments has also risen. As far as we know, at least 940 aesthetic clinics are registered in the UK, though these numbers don’t reflect solo aesthetic professionals or a representation of the number of practitioners doing treatments in an aesthetic clinic.

With the overflowing market, it is still a wonder why 90% of aesthetic businesses fail in their first year. In this blog, we will examine the key reasons why many aesthetic businesses fail and how to avoid their mistakes. Make sure to follow closely!

1. Lack or Unclear Aesthetic Business Strategy

The fatal flaw of most aesthetic businesses is the lack of an unclear business strategy. We know that you’d like to make money off of aesthetic treatments, but without a clear and well-written business strategy, you’re preparing yourself to fail. Successful aesthetic clinics or solo aesthetic practitioners have a clear goal for their target market, a financial goal, and growth strategies to promote their business. Without a proper business strategy, serious problems like unreasonable decisions, unorganised allocation of resources, and ultimately, business failure can arise.

How do you avoid it?

Prepare a well-thought-out and organised business plan. I know it’s simple to say and hard to do, but a business plan shapes your approach towards your business goals. Before preparing a business plan or strategy, try extensive research on the market first. Check what the ideal client is that you’ll mostly cater to, their wants and needs, and the things they’ll like. This will give you an advantage over most startup aesthetic businesses, as you’ll be able to pinpoint their needs without them telling you.

Download a free business plan for your aesthetic business by clicking here.

2. Financial Management

You’re not doing business if you’re not earning enough. Financial mismanagement is a plague that most aesthetic businesses suffer from. Many aesthetic businesses may find themselves spending on luxurious equipment, designs, and other non-essential items for their business. Without a strong grip on financial matters, aesthetic professionals may find themselves spending more than what they are earning. Worst scenario, you won’t be able to cover your operational costs, which may lead to your business closing.

How do you avoid financial mismanagement?

Having a clear business strategy or plan will help you with financial management. Understanding your day-to-day costs, financial position, and becoming more efficient in controlling overhead costs will help you tone down your spending and understand your major expenditures. Another method to help you manage your finances is to ensure your customers pay on time. With Faces, get deposits easily when clients book at your clinic. Faces will help you decrease your no-shows and client cancellations with our robust deposit feature!

3. Ineffective Marketing and Customer Acquisition

What’s a business without its customers? Aesthetic businesses without an effective marketing strategy and good customer interaction will ultimately fail. As our profit is reliant on customers, clinics and aesthetic practitioners fail due to a zero marketing strategy. Inadequate online presence, community engagement, and community building would deter any potential customers from messaging your business.

How do I successfully market my aesthetic business?

Use Faces! Faces has a free marketing tool built into our app that helps your business build online credibility. We offer a clinic marketplace for visibility, a free website builder to lay the foundations of your online presence, and a marketing manager you can hire for as little as £3 a day! Besides Faces powerful features, you can also take advantage by understanding how your competition markets themselves; try to peek at their Instagram account and take some notes!


Failing to prepare means you’re preparing yourself to fail. Dreaming about a successful aesthetic business is easy, but building one takes time, effort, and willpower. We know it’s not easy, but Faces is here to ensure you’re on the right path to success. Internalise what you’ve read and download Faces to get these powerful features for free. Download today!

4 Critical Reasons Why Your Competition Has More Clients

It’s obvious that the aesthetics industry continues to grow. Forecasts believe that by 2026, the value of the injectables market alone will be £11.7 billion. In the UK alone, there are 940 aesthetics clinics in business, with over 10,000 individuals offering private treatments. It is evident how competitive the industry is, and aesthetic professionals need to be more crafty than ever to gain the attention of potential clients.

It’s a competitive market, not a saturated market.

Don’t misunderstand us; our industry has been more competitive over the years, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s already oversaturated. 13.9 million (1 in 5) people are considering getting aesthetic treatments in the next 12 months. That’s a huge opportunity to convert those onlookers into recurring customers.

Why is the grass greener on the other side?

Being jealous of other clinic’s success is understandable. But being jealous without knowing what you can do better can hinder your ability to see the bigger picture. In this blog, we will talk about the things you are not doing to get more clients and the things you’re subconsciously doing that drive away potential clients. But we’re not just listing it down; we’re also offering a solution that would help you get more clients for your aesthetics business.

Read this with an open mind, and try to come up with your own solution too.

1. Your response time is too slow

Customers want their questions answered in a matter of seconds. If you fail to reply and provide the answers within seconds, there is a high chance that these customers will not continue to book. Though there are some people who only inquire for some details, it’s already been proven that timely and professional customer service enforces the customer’s decision to buy a service or a product from you.

How do I improve my response time?

Improve your response time by making sure you’re always getting notified about new messages. If you have to put your phone or devices away from you for a set amount of time, make sure you have automated messages that predict the most common questions you receive from time to time.

Another solution is to present all the information before a customer inquires. You can do this by pasting and directly sending your booking link to your clients. When a client books through your Faces booking link, they will be able to see all the prices, treatment details, hours of availability, and even your payment options.

Get your booking link by sending us a message on WhatsApp. Click here to message us.

2. You don’t have other payment options

Is cash the only payment option you are offering to your clients? That might be a mistake. Clients would love to pay in different forms besides cash; some prefer card payments or even split the payments monthly, so why not offer the convenience?

How do I get more payment options?

You can offer more payment options by using Faces as your booking system. Through Faces, you’d be able to accept other forms of payment and we can offer your clients a Buy Now, Pay Later option for their treatments. Don’t worry, you’ll still get paid in full after 24 hours of receiving the 4-digit PIN code from your clients. To know more about our Buy Now, Pay Later option, check out this FAQ board.

3. Your prices might be too expensive.

We get it; your price is dependent on your business costs and professional experience, but most of the clients don’t think about what’s behind the pricing structure. Your most expensive treatments are also expensive for a reason; the procedure is delicate, and your products are also expensive.

Related Article: Payment Plans are Bad, But Is Cash Actually Worse?

How do I drop my price while earning?

Get an alternative yet effective counterpart for your products; some established brands are priced high because the ‘name’ behind them is established and wanted by many. Consider asking your pharmacy or your peers for cost-effective alternatives to your products. If the results prove to be good, then why spend more on an expensive product? To help you with your journey, you can search for the cheapest products on Faces by clicking this link.

Another take on this problem is to get BNPL for your clients. By registering on Faces for free, we will be able to offer finance to your clients. Send us a message to help you kickstart your application.

4. You might be a ghost on the internet.

We’re living in a digital age, and not using digital platforms to advertise your business is equal to punching yourself right in the gut. A social media platform not optimised to attract clients can also hurt your conversion rates. Clients are using reviews, testimonials, and online posts from your business to make well-informed decisions. If you don’t have an online presence, it’s likely that clients will not do business with you.

How do I get online visibility?

There are various steps that you can easily take to make your business visible online. First, you have to optimise your social media by posting client testimonials, photo of treatments, and some personal posts. Second, you would need to set up your Google Business Page, add a marker to your address, and list your business details on Google. Last, you need to set up your own website to increase the credibility of your business. You can build a no-code website for free on Faces by clicking this link

The obvious solution to everything

Don’t focus on why they’re getting more clients than you; focus on the actions you aren’t taking to gain more clients.

It would hurt your business if you continued to focus on other businesses. Formulate a plan of action, execute it, and make revisions until you’ve perfected your business model. Don’t compete with other aesthetic professionals; instead, compete with yourself and make yourself better with each passing day.

As a free business booster, you can sign up on Faces and show your aesthetic practice to thousands of clients. Faces is a “free”-mium app to market your business and a resource hub for all things aesthetics.

Sign up on Faces for free today! If you have any questions, simply reach out to us by email, WhatsApp, or by calling us at 01785 558018.

Need Emergency Aesthetic Advise? Faces Has A Solution

aesthetic advise

Surprisingly, there’s a 16% chance that your procedure could have complications. Though you’re already trained to handle complications should the need arise, it’s still scary to think that this can happen even with a perfect procedure being done.

If you’re like thousands of practitioners who want to make patient’s safety a priority, then you’re reading this blog at the perfect time!

Faces has been a solution for all aesthetic professionals. Whether it’s to find a local prescriber, get products, or offer flexible solutions, Faces has got everything covered from A to Z. And now we’ve partnered up with the Complications Consultants to give you the emergency aesthetic advise you need ASAP!

This feature is perfect for those who need ‘backup’ whenever complications arise and those people with less than a year of experience in the industry.

Introducing Complications Consultants

Complications Consultants is Faces’ primary partner in providing aesthetic professionals with emergency aesthetic advise whenever they need it. Complications Consultants consists of highly trained medical aestheticians ranging from doctors, dentists, midwives, and dental therapists. Their founder and director, Holly, firmly believes in upholding the highest standards in the industry by properly guiding and advising those who are less experienced and are currently starting out in their aesthetics career. Their goal of bridging the chasm between medical and non-medical injectors is something that resonates with Faces too.

Emergency advice straight away

Resolve complications better than before, you’ll be able to get access to immediate advise with Complications Consultants! Their telephone, WhatsApp, email is available 24/7 should you have any time-sensitive questions. They also offer guidance and mentorship everything under aesthetics should you have any questions. Think of them as your go-to friend whenever you need help! 

How much does it cost?

This service would only cost you £9 per month. Annually, you’d only be paying £108. Saving you the headaches from complications without breaking the bank!

How do I sign up?

We’re glad to see you get onboarded with this service! If you’re using the app, simply sign in and scroll down on the Essentials tab. Use the view all function, tap Consultations Consultants, and click Buy Service. If you want easier access, simply click here.

Once you’ve completed the form and paid for the service, you’ll receive a welcome package after 24 hours. This will be sent through your email, and the helpful links you can connect with are also included in the email.

What’s next?

Now you’ll have an easy-to-access lifeline for all questions regarding complications and aesthetics. But why stop there?

With Faces and its multitude of features, you’d be able to do more! From operating your aesthetic business efficiently through your phone or tablet to scaling your dreams with our unique business boosters. You’ve got everything you need inside Faces, but we’re still adding more to make sure all of your needs and wants are covered.

Do you have any questions? If so, please feel free to reach out to us on WhatsApp or email us at [email protected]. You can also ring us at 01785 558018.

PHLO Pharmacy is now live on Faces!

We are delighted to announce that the UK-leading digital pharmacy Phlo has joined the Faces marketplace, offering a safe, reliable, and rapid pharmacy service for in-demand weight management injectable medications.

Access in-demand weight-loss medications

Phlo has a full stock of Mounjaro, the revolutionary new injectable weight loss medication, with excellent ongoing availability to those who obtain a valid prescription. Clinical studies have shown it can help people lose up to 20%* of their bodyweight!

Phlo will rapidly dispense and deliver a range of Mounjaro products directly to your clinic, with additional product variations coming soon.

Discover Mounjaro

Mounjaro is a revolutionary new once-weekly injectable weight loss medication that can help your patients lose weight. It contains tirzepatide; which reduces hunger pangs, slows stomach emptying and suppresses appetite.

Why choose Mounjaro?
  • Many of your patients will be familiar with medications such as Ozempic and Wegovy; however, Mounjaro has been shown to be more effective in clinical trials and is becoming a more popular choice with patients.
  • The active ingredient in Mounjaro is called tirzepatide. It stimulates two different naturally occurring hormonal receptors: glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) and glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP). Other weight-loss injections only stimulate GLP-1 receptors.
What PHLO Pharmacy offers

Mounjaro KwikPen 2.5mg Starter Pack

This starter pack includes a Mounjaro pre-filled injectable pen, along with additional needles, alcohol swabs, and a sharps bin for disposal.

Mounjaro KwikPen 2.5mg

The easy-to-use Mounjaro KwikPen comes pre-filled with 4 doses, lasting 4 weeks.

Mounjaro KwikPen 5mg

For patients moving from 2.5mg to a higher dosage, the 5mg Mounjaro KwikPen comes pre-filled with 4 doses, lasting 4 weeks.

Why choose Phlo?

  • Phlo is a market leader in digital pharmacy. They’re a UK trailblazer in delivering a complete end-to-end digital version of prescription requesting, dispensing, and delivery.
  • Phlo is a GPhC fully regulated online pharmacy with an experienced in-house clinical team.

Market-leading infrastructure

Phlo’s trailblazing agile pharmacy software supports multiple services throughout the UK.

Reliable stock availability

Phlo has a good ongoing supply of Mounjaro at competitive prices in the market.

Trusted by 70,000+ patients

Our patients trust us to safely and rapidly dispense and deliver products directly to their door.

Interested to purchase? Sign up on Faces Pharmacy, and unlock all our pharmaci

7 Powerful Reasons Why Choose Faces Over Other Booking Systems

It’s time we told you why you should choose Faces for your aesthetic business. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or a clinic owner, Faces has been a trusted partner for all things aesthetics across the UK. With over 100,000 professionals using it for their day-to-day aesthetic needs, it has become a pillar of support that provides administrative aid, financial empowerment, and key resources that you need as an aesthetic practitioner. In this blog, we’ll tell you about our arsenal, which gives us an advantage over other booking apps!


Let’s start off with the most popular feature of Faces! With over 200+ consent forms and 100+ aftercare documents you can choose for your aesthetics clinic, you wouldn’t need to worry about where to get them. Faces users can utilise these forms for free!

Another advantage of using Faces for your forms is that our consent form has a built-in unique feature that keeps track of when your client edited the consent form. Neat!

Faces Booking System

Show business hours, display treatments, book clients, ask for deposits, and offer finance in one seamless transaction for your clients! Our supercharged booking system also gives practitioners the power to share their booking link through SMS, emails, and social media. It’s simple enough for you to set up within minutes, and it’s even simpler for your clients to click on that “Book Now” button!

This feature is completely free to use. You can also make your booking system more powerful by creating a FREE website on Faces. Read the next feature!

Website Builder

Our newest “free-mium” feature! Faces’ Website Builder enhances your business’s online presence by providing you with your own website. Building a website on Faces is straightforward. Just input the details of your clinic, your branding, and your social media links through our website builder. In 15 minutes or less, you’d have a working website ready to be seen on Google!

If you’re stuck thinking about your business tagline, treatment descriptions, or terms and conditions, Faces can generate it for you in seconds!

Starting your own website? This blog might help!

Client Management

Ditch the paper; go digital with Faces! We’ve saved practitioners from countless hours of paperwork and client management. You can store consent forms, medical forms, and other important client details through the app. Faces’ booking system is also seamlessly connected with your client directory to give you real-time appointment details for each client. In addition, the directory is also categorised alphabetically, and you can delete or restore client details. Don’t misplace another form with Faces!

Pharmacy & Shop

Scrambling on where to get the best deals on toxins, diluents, and other aesthetic supplies? Faces have got your back, Jack! We’ve partnered with 21 pharmacies and over 50 vendors to bring you all the supplies that you need for your clients.

You can register to use this feature! Simply go to your Faces app and click Prescriptions on your dashboard. If you need help, simply talk to us on WhatsApp by clicking here.


Faces has partnered with a giant in the buy-now, pay-later space to grant your clients flexible finance options! By registering through Faces, practitioners can offer payment plans on all of their treatments, ranging from £50 to £2000. Clients can also choose between 3, 6, 9, or 12 months for their repayment options. There are no set-up costs for practitioners, and our lending partner will take on the risk for you!

Fun fact: Our finance is integrated into your booking system to encourage your clients to book their favourite treatments immediately!

Our commitment

The last six reasons were about our biggest features on Faces. For the last reason, let us first tell you why we’ve built Faces.

It started out as an exclusive tool for one practitioner, until people asked us to share this ‘exclusive’ tool with everyone. Little by little, we’ve had our first hundreds, thousands, and now we have 100,000 practitioners continuously using Faces.

The need for a resource hub for aesthetics—that’s the need we want to fill. We’re committed to being an app for all of your aesthetic needs! Managing, marketing, and payment solutions—we’re not stopping until all of our practitioners have everything under one roof.

The 3 Gigantic Risk of Inaccurate Consent Forms Exposed.

On average, Faces receives 5,917 filled-out consent forms everyday. And every day, we ask our practitioners to nudge their clients into filling out every single item on our consent forms. This minimises the risks for the practitioners and provides a standing legal document for the clients themselves.

Now some question how ‘serious’ consent forms really are, and practitioners ask if their clients could skip parts of these consent forms. We understand that correctly filling out a consent form may take more time than usual, but it is for the benefit of both parties. Before we tackle the repercussions of incorrectly filled consent forms, let’s have a refresher on what consent is.

What is consent?

The NHS describes consent as an act or agreement that gives permission for something to happen. Since all adults are assumed to have a sufficient mind to think, consent is required for every procedure. However, if a person doesn’t have the capacity to make a decision, the practitioner needs to take ample measures, like asking their insurance providers first. Consent can be given in 3 ways.

Non-verbally: Sometimes called implicit consent, examples would be extending their arm in a blood test, nodding their heads, or opening their mouths during a dental exam.

Verbally: A person directly implies consent by saying they’re happy to do the treatment.

Written: consent is expressed through a written document. This is your strongest evidence that your client has declared consent to the treatment.

The repercussions of incorrectly filled consent forms

Let’s paint you a picture. Suppose you have a client for an anti-wrinkle treatment today. The client walks in, misses a few questions and ticks on the consent form, and you carry out the treatment. You’re not worrying about anything since this hasn’t been the first time someone has done this. After a few days, you get a call, and something has gone wrong with your client’s treatment. What will happen next?

Legal trouble

Your client will sue you; what is worse, your client will have an advantage over you. Your client can sue you for negligence and malpractice. This can range from £1000 to amounts exceeding £1 million. Besides the financial downfall you might be facing, you also need to prepare a lot of paperwork.

Insurance may not back you up

Are you partnered with the right insurance? If not, then they’ll try to find every loophole they can find to deny your claims. This means you are liable for shouldering the costs of your client’s medical expenses. Scenarios like claim denials can also trigger an investigation by regulatory bodies such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN), or the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM). Worse case, they found you guilty and can suspend your licence to operate, which will lead to serious disciplinary actions.

Need the right insurance partner? Here’s a list of the top-rated insurance companies in 2024.

Your dream going down the drain

Your business is temporarily suspended, your reputation is permanently damaged, and you are financially bankrupt. The dream of attaining financial freedom and an outstanding career path is going down the drain. The reason is an incorrectly filled consent form. You were given the worst scenario of a lifetime just because of a few-minute mistake.

How can Faces help?

Let’s mitigate the risk for your business. Faces has over 200 consent form templates that you can freely use for your business. With Faces, you can monitor which part of the consent form has still not been filled out by your client, and you can prompt them by resending the consent form back to fill everything out correctly. When accessing the filled-out consent forms, you can also see the edit history of all the consent forms. The filled-out consent forms are stored directly in your Faces account, and you can access and download them anytime you want. 

Never take any chances with these consent forms. Store every correctly filled consent form on Faces today!
Need help setting up your Faces account? Reach out to us on WhatsApp by clicking here or emailing us at [email protected]

The Complete Guide on the Most Popular Aesthetic Treatments this 2024!

With the ever-changing nature of the aesthetic industry, different aesthetic treatments have emerged. Over the years, the most popular aesthetic treatments have always included injectables, facials, and variations on skin treatments!

In 2024, several treatments that we may have heard or not heard of will be hogging the spotlight. This would provide critical insights on what clients want in 2024 and pave the way for better and more innovative aesthetic treatments in the years to come.

Let’s briefly discuss these aesthetic treatments in this blog. Starting off with the first popular aesthetic treatment,

non-surgical rhinoplasty before and after results.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Commonly referred to as liquid rhinoplasty or a non-surgical nose job, this is a method of enhancing the client’s nose through a minimally invasive procedure. This method requires the insertion of dermal fillers composed of hyaluronic acid through different regions of the nose, but typically in the nasal bridge, tip, and radix.

After the procedure, clients can expect a more refined nose without lumps and a sharper nose tip, depending on their needs.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty has been getting famous as the changes can be reversible, results can be observed for a fair amount of time (generally 6 months to 2 years), and it is more affordable compared with a surgical nose job. The downtime and risk of non-surgical rhinoplasty are comparatively lower than their surgical counterparts, making it a popular aesthetics treatment choice for clients all over the country.

liquid bbl aesthetics treatment before and after.

Liquid BBL

Just like non-surgical rhinoplasty, liquid BBL, or bum filler, is a minimally invasive aesthetics treatment that is popular with clients who want a cheaper and safer alternative to Brazilian butt lifts. The procedure usually lasts 30 minutes to an hour. This treatment involves strategically injecting into different buttock areas to add volume, create a rounded shape, and generally produce a lifted appearance.

The hype around liquid BBL is continuously increasing, with several clinics introducing it into the market at the best price possible. Along with the price, promising results like defined curves, minimal to zero downtime, and lasting yet reversible results are the key reasons clients flock to clinics offering this aesthetics treatment!

Platelet-Rich-Plasma Fibrin aesthetics treatment

PRF (Platelet-Rich-Plasma Fibrin)

PRF is the new spin for PRP in 2024! While these popular aesthetics treatment are similar in nature, PRF contains a higher concentration of platelets compared to its predecessor, indicating better results. 

PRF is commonly used after microneedling treatments or can be directly injected. The treatment is used for combating oily skin, wrinkly or ageing skin, and scar reduction. It can also be used to stimulate hair growth in the scalp and your eyebrows.

This treatment is becoming popular due to lower infection risks and faster healing rates. Clients also observed more lasting results from PRF compared to PRP.

Polynucleotides injection aesthetics treatment


Polynucleotides are long and complex chains of nucleotides. They’re the foundations of our DNA and RNA. Translating it to the aesthetics industry, polynucleotide injections are a type of regenerative medicine that promotes collagen and elastin production, enhances skin texture, and overall rejuvenates the skin effectively.

This aesthetics treatment has seen popularity among middle-aged women, as it can be used in the face, under the eyes, and hands. Other parts, like the knees, abdomen, and arms, can also be injected to produce positive results.

What should I expect?

With the rapid evolution of aesthetics treatments, practitioners should now be more competent than ever! Being brutally honest, these new treatments wouldn’t gather instant clients and profits right away. As a rational choice, you need to make do with what you have right now. Sign up on Faces, showcase your treatments, and get more people booked in! It’s a great way to be searchable on Google and get a steady flow of clients every day. Through this, you’d be able to save up for your next aesthetics training. Through upskilling, providing a multitude of treatments, and using innovative apps for your aesthetic needs, like Faces, you can be assured that your business will stand the test of time.

5 Guaranteed Tips to Efficiently Start and Run an Aesthetic Clinic!

Starting and running your own aesthetic clinic can be daunting yet exciting. The promise of uncapped earnings, your own working hours, and being your own boss are the things we’re looking forward to. However, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. New aesthetic clinic owners could find themselves in a world of trouble without the essentials!

In this blog, we’ll be pointing you in the right direction with these proven tactics for starting your own aesthetic clinic! Number four may come as a shocker for you.

1. Numbers and stuff…

It’s a headache to keep track of compliance documents, strategically plan your taxes, and keep financial records, especially when you don’t have the time and diligence for it! However, it is vital to keep track of your finances every step of the way. This line of reasoning stems from how books of accounts help you see your financial status. Important decisions like hiring another team member or expanding your aesthetics clinic to a different location should always be considered based on your financial capability.

Want to make the right financial decisions? Consider hiring a specialised account for aesthetic and beauty professionals for as little as £50 per month. Click here to start.

2. The right insurance

With over 257 insurance companies and brokers for solo practitioners and clinics, looking for the perfect insurance partner is crucial. Insurance is your line of defence against malicious claims, malpractice, and accidents that may happen at your clinic. Insurance is not required by law; however, it’s a must-have if you want peace of mind when operating.

As a bonus, here are the things you need to consider before working with an insurance company.

  • List of coverage 
  • Industry-specific policies
  • List of treatments and services covered
  • Reputation

If you’re unsure, you can create a Faces account and get insurance. You can also read a list of leading aesthetic insurance providers here.

3. An aesthetic website

You’re providing aesthetic treatments; therefore, your website should be aesthetic too! The right colours, images, logo, and tagline would amount to a good-looking website that clients would appreciate. But don’t just make it beautiful; make it accessible too! Integrate a booking system, upload reviews, and list the different treatments you provide.

Build a professional website in 15 minutes or less (no coding required) with Faces’ Website Builder!

4. Payment options

Are your treatment prices too high for clients? Why not offer the ability to spread the costs? Offering flexible payments to your clients increases the chance of successful bookings. Other proven results of financial plans for aesthetic clinics are repeat business, competitive advantage, and frequent larger purchases for clients.

Interested in getting finance for your clients? Apply for free here

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They Said Payment Plans Are Bad, But Are Cash Payments Worse?

Honourable mentions:

– Updated trainings

– Implement work systems and protocols

– Consider professional marketing services 

5. Booking System

We can’t stress enough how efficient you’ll be with a booking app or software! Instead of going back and forth about how much, your availability, and such, you can redirect your clients to your booking link. You can streamline how you receive and organise client details with your booking system, too. This convenience can also benefit your clients, as they’ll be able to get all the information they need and pay for treatments instantly. Not to mention, if your booking system has flexible payments integrated, you’d be surprised at how this hooks clients up to get treatments!


Starting and running aesthetic clinics is not easy, but with the right tools, you’d be able to successfully manage your business. It’s a good thing that modern booking system tools like Faces can make practitioners’ lives easier! Faces is an app full of ‘free-mium’ features like a booking system, a website builder, and a catalogue of different consent form templates. Explore and find out why 100,000 practitioners have trusted Faces for their aesthetic clinics!

See How Faces App Can Help Your Aesthetic Clinic.

Faces app was built by a practitioner. Now, it is serving 100,000 practitioners in the UK alone. From a simple need to be met, it has evolved into a super-app capable of running your business efficiently in the background while practitioners focus on delivering their treatments.

Gone are the days when practitioners needed to pay for a booking system or a premium feature. Faces has innovated how a clinic management system should work. Contributing to the success of thousands of practitioners and clinics, it has been a resource hub and a faithful companion in providing support.

Now you might be wondering how practitioners rake in hundreds of pounds and save countless hours of work on a free app, and we’re here to tell you why!

An exposed clinic

Imagine an app where you just download and sign up for it, complete your basic profile, and get shown to 60,000 clients right after those steps! You don’t need to imagine it, because we’re describing the Faces app itself. Simply sign up and complete your clinic details, and you’ll be able to set up shop online.

The digital experience

Ditch the paper; go digital! Faces app has got your back with your paperwork. Catalogue clients, organise different forms, and let clients book easily using this supercharged app. You can manage multiple clinics by just using your phone. Millions of stacked paper forms were eliminated using Faces. Brutal!

Simplifying how you create a website

No coding experience? No hours to pour into building a website? Zero knowledge on what to put inside? Faces can build you one, quick and easy! Faces Website Builder has the capacity to streamline the creation of your own personalised website and get it done within 15 minutes or less!

Spread the costs

How does a hack to increase bookings by up to 37% sound? Well, here’s how! Faces has partnered with a giant to boost practitioner and clinic sales. Approved users have the ability to offer finance to their customers. According to our data, we typically see a 35%–37% increase in sales at clinics using finances versus those who haven’t unlocked its power. No start-up costs, get client payments within 24 hours, and see an increase in your client base.

Keeping clients hooked!

Lazy to do reminders? Don’t worry, we keep them hooked for you! Faces has a robust booking system that makes sure your client gets appointment reminders and constant follow-ups to make sure you stay on top of their mind. Faces app also offers a seamless user journey for your clients; this gives them the ability to see your treatments, prices, and availability in one sitting. Say goodbye to late replies and hello to a better client experience!

An ecosystem inside Faces app

Faces has created an environment for your business to thrive on. A seamless booking system, a no-code website builder, and a plethora of useful features within Faces have been the backbone of modern-day clinic and practitioners. With several features being released every year, the future where all your aesthetic practice needs are met is not far-fetched. 

Faces has come this far.

We’re not stopping today!

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7 Proven Reasons Why You Should Take Deposits

There’s nothing more frustrating than a client cancelling at the last minute. Hearing a notification from your phone telling you that they want to cancel their anti-wrinkle treatment right after you’ve paid for your product and prescriber fees. Not to mention, blocking out your time for that client. In a few moments, you realise you’ve lost money, time, and potential clients. No wonder you’ll be left fuming afterwards!

If this is you, then you share the same sentiment with tens and thousands of practitioners. So perhaps, have you considered getting deposits? It’s a feature that makes clients scared, but the trend of clinics incorporating it into their booking processes is increasing.

Weighing both the pros and cons of deposits can be a headache, but we’re here to show you what deposits can do for your aesthetics business! Let’s have a good old chinwag about deposits.

This blog will help you understand the importance of deposits in your aesthetics clinic!

What is a Deposit?

Deposits are upfront or partial payments made before your clients get their treatments at your clinics.  The amount of deposit will usually vary per clinic; however, it will usually cover the product costs. You can take deposits through:

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– Cash

– Bank Transfers

– Through an online booking system

Here are 7 proven reasons why clinics set deposits this 2024

1. Secure Appointments 9/10

This is the biggest reason why deposits should be enforced. Clinics around the country require deposits to secure appointments, especially for popular treatments or during a busy week. This helps prevent any unnecessary cancellations that would set your clinic back.

2. Cover Costs

Don’t front an expensive product today just for your client to cancel tomorrow! Requiring deposits helps you cover the costs of your products and prescriber fees. If your clients decide to ghost you, at the very least, you didn’t put your own money into their products.

3. Add Value To Your Time

Being flexible with your time is helpful for your clients, but if the treatment date gets pushed back and forth between dates, it would affect your service to other clients and mess up your calendar. Bespoke aesthetic treatments require preparation ahead of time, and deposits serve as a reminder that time is gold!

4. Reduced Risk

I hate to break it to you, but some clients mug you out of your free consultations without any intention of booking in. Letting clients pay a deposit first before consultations would give you better cash flow. You can even try to be creative and rephrase the word “deposit” and make it a “consultation fee” instead!

5. Filter Inquiries & Leads

You can have 37 enquiries a week and only get 1-2 ready to book in. That’s a hard reality for practitioners. Deposits are a great way to filter out those who are committed and just passing by.

6. Eliminate or Reduce Late Cancellation & No-Shows

Deposits can sometimes make clients scared, and that’s for a reason! Hearing the word “deposit” would encourage them to stand by the day and time you’ve agreed with your clients. Make them fall in line and see the money rolling in, which brings us to the last reason.

7. Better Cash Flow

A positive stream of cash through deposits will help your clinic in the long run. You would have enough money to buy products, pay for staff time, and get enough sleep since you’re not chasing clients left and right!

Take a step back, and let’s think about it.

We know that charging deposits is a huge move for you. But if you’re ready for the next step, Faces has you covered. We’ve integrated booking confirmations and deposits into one flow. Clients can get their bookings confirmed after they’ve paid a deposit to the account you’ve connected on Faces. In this way, we’re preventing you from experiencing no-shows, loss of income, and wasted time!

Let’s normalise deposits moving forward, and let’s end 2024 with more money and time for your clinic.

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