Lumi Eyes

Lumi Eyes FAQs

What are Lumi Eyes and how do they work?

- Lumi Eyes are smart glasses that enhance vision using advanced technology.

Can Lumi Eyes correct common vision problems like myopia?

- Yes, Lumi Eyes can correct refractive errors like myopia.

Are Lumi Eyes suitable for children with vision issues?

- Yes, Lumi Eyes can be used by children with vision problems.

How long should I wear Lumi Eyes each day?

- It is recommended to wear Lumi Eyes for a few hours daily.

Do Lumi Eyes have adjustable lens settings for different prescriptions?

- Yes, Lumi Eyes have customizable lens settings for various prescriptions.

Can I use Lumi Eyes while driving or operating machinery?

- No, it is not safe to use Lumi Eyes in such situations.

Are there any side effects associated with using Lumi Eyes?

- No major side effects have been reported from using Lumi Eyes.

Do I need a prescription from an eye doctor to use Lumi Eyes?

- It is advisable to consult an eye doctor before using them.

Can I watch movies or play games on Lumi Eyes?

- Yes, you can enjoy multimedia content on the glasses.

How long does it take to see improvements with Lumi Eyes?

- The time taken to notice improvements may vary; typically a few weeks.