Faces vs Phorest: Which is the best salon software for you?

Are you tired of managing the administrative and aesthetic sides of your business? In this blog, we’re comparing the two giant apps for salon management; Faces and Phorest Salon Software. Both systems offer a unique experience, business boosters, and other features that promote growth and credibility for your business. Let’s dissect the core features and pricing structure to determine which salon software can help you reduce your workload!

Faces Booking System

Faces booking system, an intuitive and modern appointment management solution, promises aesthetic practitioners efficiency and ease. With its array of features, it aims to streamline bookings, payments, and management in one app.

Core Features

Here’s a comprehensive list of the benefits of the Faces Booking System:

✔ Easy Booking Link Sharing

Hand over convenient bookings to your clients. Share your booking link through email, as a text message, or as a direct link. You can also paste your direct link on social media to get direct bookings! This variety of options makes it convenient for clients to book appointments with you


✔ Automated Appointment Management

The system automatically adds bookings to your calendar once they are made, eliminating manual entries and reducing human error​​. Faces’ booking system can also eliminate no-shows and late cancellations by prioritising bookings with deposits.

✔ Rebooking and Payment Flexibility

Clients can easily rebook through Faces. Client data is securely stored in your Faces account, along with their consent and medical forms. Eligible practitioners using Faces can also offer Buy Now, Pay Later to their clients.

✔ Enhanced Client Experience

Faces booking system offers a personalised treatment search, helping clients find what suits them best, enhancing the overall booking experience​​.

✔ Free Marketing Features

Create your website for free and get ranked on Google! Faces also boasts a Clinic Marketplace which will help your clinic get more visibility to clients browsing for clinics near them.

✔ Automated Client Reminders

Automated email and SMS reminders are sent to clients, reducing the chances of no-shows and last-minute cancellations, and ensuring efficient management of time and resources​​.

✔ Integrated Client Consent and Aftercare

Automatic consent forms based on selected treatments and aftercare forms sent post-treatment are integrated into the system, ensuring all necessary information is collected and managed efficiently​​. Check the full list of consent forms and aftercare document templates on Faces.

✔ Comprehensive Client Management

This feature includes storing client information, personalising client experiences, and streamlining communication via phone, WhatsApp, text message, or email​​ channels.

✔ Detailed Appointment Insights

It allows practitioners to track the entire booking process, manage unconfirmed bookings, and view and edit appointments, ensuring high-quality service and client satisfaction​​.

✔ Client Profile Management

Effective management of client profiles, including appointment history, spending, and no-shows, enables practitioners to offer personalised services​​.

✔ Business Boosters

Built-in features like text and email reminders, payment collection, and monthly payment offers, are designed to enhance client engagement and retention​​.

✔ Simplified Scheduling and Payment Integration

The system simplifies scheduling and offers seamless payment options, including options like ‘Buy Now, Pay Later‘, adding a competitive edge​​.

✔ Customised Client Experience

Detailed client profiling, including personal and medical details, ensures personalised care for each client​​.

✔ Effective Communication

Direct communication tools integrated into the system, such as email, WhatsApp, and text messages, keep clients informed and engaged​​.

✔ Streamlined Appointment Management

Covers all aspects of appointment management, from scheduling to managing follow-ups and adjusting session prices​​.

✔ Financial Management

Features for managing financial transactions, tracking payments, and handling refunds are included, aiding in efficient financial management​​.

✔ Comprehensive Client Records

Extensive record-keeping of client history, consent forms, and personal notes, ensuring personalised care plans based on individual needs​​.


Faces is a free salon software for all your aesthetic needs. Most of its key features are free, and you’ll only pay for a service after you’ve used it.

Faces booking system is a robust, feature-rich solution for appointment management. Its comprehensive features, from client management to flexible payment options, place it favourably in the market. The quality and pricing make it a viable choice for practitioners seeking an efficient, reliable system. Overall, it stands strong against competitors, offering a balanced mix of functionality and value.

Phorest Booking System

Core Features

✔ Calendar and Appointment System

Practitioners can take bookings and populate their calendars through Phorest. Set your working days, roster staff, and link your services, rooms, and equipment through this salon software.

✔ Automated SMS & Email

Just like what the title implies. Phorest users can automate SMS and email communications to make client communications smoother and faster. Confirmations, rebookings, and reminders can be automated with Phorest.

✔ SMS & Email Marketing Tools

Phorest has SMS and email marketing tools to generate and retain clients. Get ready-made SMS and email templates for any goals or occasions. You can also track your marketing campaigns through Phorest.

✔ Digital Forms

Just like with Faces, get digital consent forms on Phorest! Phorest also offers Premium Consultations, highlighting advanced face-mapping, mark-ups, before and after images, and more.

✔ Staff Management Tools

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or a clinic, you can track 1 or more locations using Phorest. Link staff, stock, rooms, services, and equipment to relevant locations. Compare each branch’s performance from one perspective.

Phorest Pricing 

Phorest is a paid salon software. However, their pricing plans include unlimited devices, unlimited staff, and affordable SMS rates. You would need to request a quote for each pricing tier, however, according to Software Advice, their prices start at $99 (£79) a month and can go higher depending on your salon needs.


Phorest and Faces can be a beneficial tool for your salon. However, if you’re looking for salon software that offers premium features with no monthly subscriptions, we highly suggest that you use Faces. Faces is a “free”-mium app that boasts a variety of business-boosting features and tools. With great tools, excellent customer service, and marketing features, rest assured that your business will scale with Faces!

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