Faces or Fresha? Booking System Face-Off!

Faces is a leading solution provider for all things aesthetics. With all its robust features, most of which are free, it’s an app dedicated to all aesthetic professionals in the Health and Beauty industry. Last year, we launched a better and more powerful booking system that allows aesthetic practitioners and clients alike to experience convenience in bookings and business management.

In this blog, we will be comparing the Faces Booking System to Fresha, one of the leading salon management software programmes in the world.

Let’s start with the Faces Booking System

As you know, Faces has its own powerful booking system. Packed with amazing features that can only be seen on paid software, we’ve been changing the landscape in clinic and software management by providing premium features for free or at an affordable price. Let’s dive right into what amazing features our booking system has in store!

Appointment Scheduling

It’s not a booking system without appointment scheduling tools! With Faces, manually add client appointments or let clients book themselves for a treatment. Creating bookings on Faces is simple, just fill in the right information, hit Save, and watch as we automate client reminders, saving client details, and forwarding forms in one place. You can also customise how many days you’d like to hold their appointments, follow-ups, and reminders.

Payment Processing

An efficient booking system is not complete without payments. By accepting online payments, customers receive access to treatments as they can pay 24/7. Paying online has also shown to be more secure than traditional methods. Through Faces Booking System, clients would be able to book and pay for their treatments online. Payment options through Faces include card, cash, transfer, and Buy Now Pay Later.

Finance Payments Easily

Through Faces, aesthetic professionals can offer Buy Now Pay Later on the client’s booking process. Take advantage of the different benefits it offers to supercharge your bookings and profits!

Faces Website Integration

You heard that right! Your Faces booking system is incorporated into your Faces Website. If you have your own Faces Website, you can take payments, manage appointments, offer finance, and send consent forms all in one place. Centralise business management on Faces!

Ease of Use

Not everyone is tech-savvy, and we get that! Faces have simplified everything for aesthetic professionals to use. Whether you’re a millennial or you identify as one, you’ll be able to navigate our app without too many headaches!

Excellent Customer Support

Having troubles with Faces? We got your back. Our friendly Customer Service team is always here to help you have a great time on Faces. Raise your concerns, book a demo, and purchase your items with our help. We always rock at helping you get what you want on Faces.

We Know What You Want

Faces is founded by aesthetic professionals. We know what the common problems are, and we’ve been consistently solving them one by one. Rest assured that all the things we do are for aesthetic professionals. Whether you’re an aesthetics practitioner, SPMU artist, therapist, or a medically trained individual, Faces caters to everyone who’s in the Health and Beauty Industry. Faces is crafted for you. 

Now we know what Faces is, let’s now examine what Faces has to offer.

About Fresha

Just like Faces, Fresha is a leading platform that is designed for salons, spas, and wellness centres. It offers a centralised solution for bookings, payments, inventory, and client relationship management without cost. Most of Fresha’s features are completely free, with additional features that can be purchased individually. Key features of Fresha include

Appointment Scheduling

A user-friendly and convenient appointment scheduling for aesthetic businesses. Clinics and practitioners can receive or manually create bookings. 

Payment Processing

Securely process your client payments by using Fresha’s payment processing channels. Clients can pay via links, saved cards, and Fresha card terminals to make their checkout experience easy and comfortable.

Product Inventory Management

Do you have products you want to sell online? Fresha can help you with it. Manage your inventory, create product lists, and set up an online store with Fresha to sell products worldwide!

Marketing and Reports

Fresha has built-in performance analytics and reporting tools to monitor your business growth and struggles. You can also view different analytics such as financials, trends, and overall business growth to ensure that you’re viewing every nook and cranny of your business!

Ease of Use

Like Faces, Fresha is intuitive and easy to use. You can use it for free, and explore different features without too much headaches. There are also prompts to guide and help you throughout your journey with Fresha.

What’s Better?

Faces is more than just a booking system. So if you’re looking for a versatile platform that has a booking system, finance options, pharmacy, and so much more, you need Faces. It’s designed and planned for aesthetic professionals to grow and manage their businesses most conveniently. Packed with other tools for growth, rest assured that your business will be better with Faces.

Signing up is completely free! Download Faces today to get started.

Need help? Our Customer Service team is always here for you. Say hello by clicking here.

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