Navigating the financial landscape of the beauty and aesthetic industry can be daunting for both practitioners and clients. Enter Payl8r, the leading finance provider that’s revolutionising how clients access and pay for treatments. Payl8r empowers your clients to spread the cost of treatments over a manageable period while giving you the peace of mind of timely payments.

The Power of Payl8r

What sets Payl8r apart is the flexibility it brings to your clients’ financial planning. Clients can choose to spread the cost of treatments over 3, 6, 9, or even 12 months, making treatments more affordable and accessible. Plus, if a loan is paid back within the first 30 days, it’s entirely interest-free, further enhancing the attractiveness of this payment option.

Responsible Lending

Payl8r is committed to responsible lending, ensuring that loans are offered to clients who can comfortably afford repayments. Affordability checks are conducted before loan approval, offering you and your clients further peace of mind.

Simple Application Process

Payl8r offers a streamlined application process through various methods. Whether it’s through a consent form that you forward to the client, directly from the Faces clinic search, or a direct finance link from the Faces app or website, clients can easily proceed with the finance application at their convenience.

What’s the Cost?

The service fee for using Payl8r is 10%, which covers administrative expenses. While there is a cost involved, the benefits of increased bookings and customer satisfaction, coupled with the convenience and flexibility offered to clients, often outweigh this investment.

Seamless Transactions

Once a client is approved, the transaction process is smooth and efficient. You’ll receive an email confirmation of the approval, and on the day of the treatment, the client confirms the transaction via their email. You then receive a unique 4-digit code to enter into your app, completing the transaction. The funds are transferred directly to your bank account the next business day, ensuring a swift payment process and optimal cash flow for your business.

The Payl8r Advantage

In a nutshell, Payl8r offers a competitive advantage in the thriving beauty and aesthetic industry. It makes high-cost treatments more accessible to your clients, enhances your client base, and provides an efficient, streamlined transaction process. With Payl8r, your focus can remain where it should be – on providing exceptional beauty and aesthetic treatments – while they handle the financial side, making it a win-win for everyone.

Join Faces Today and Unlock the Power of Payl8r

To harness the benefits of Payl8r’s flexible finance solution and broaden your client base, start by signing up with Faces. With a straightforward app download and account creation, you can join the new wave of aesthetic treatment financing. Faces, in partnership with Payl8r, is committed to helping you succeed by making your services accessible and affordable to a wider audience.

Join Faces and embark on this transformative journey with Payl8r today, reshaping the beauty and aesthetic industry, one treatment at a time.

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